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What Foods Should I Avoid While Breastfeeding?

Women in our culture are sometimes advised to avoid spicy or "gassy" foods when breastfeeding. Or they are told that chocolate, citrus, carbonated drinks or milk cause problems in all breastfeeding babies.

As a breastfeeding educator, I often see women warning other Moms they need to

to avoid certain foods during feeding. There are also websites that provide

unsupported breastfeeding advice that claims that women must eat certain types

diet to make quality milk for the baby. So what's the truth?

Do nurses have to limit their diet?

Are there foods you should avoid when breastfeeding?

In general, a breastfeeding mother should NOT restrict her diet.

Obviously, drink plenty of caffeine or excess (meaning some cups

daily coffee) is a no-no, but besides, there is no reason for a

breastfeeding her to assume that she should avoid any food.

So-called "gassy" foods do not affect nursing babies because they are not digested

the carbohydrates that cause gas in your mother do not get into your mother's milk. It's impossible

for "gassy" food to cause gas in the baby except in the rare case of infants

allergies to any of these foods.

Interestingly, according to the La Leche League (considered the most important in the world

(breastfeeding authorities), "In Italy, mothers are often told not to eat garlic,

cauliflower, lentils, and red pepper. In India most mothers eat all these things and

breastfeeding is very happy. In fact, in India they believe that garlic helps a lot

to feed her successfully! "

There are even some studies that show that babies have long been breastfeeding

stronger when their Moms eat garlic.

The advice given to nursing mothers varies according to local and popular culture

"old fairy tale". Women around the world eat a variety of foods

milk is good and has a growing baby. There is no clear evidence

supports the idea that eating special foods helps make breast milk "richer".

As a result, no feeding of all Moms should be avoided.

Breastfeeding women should eat a variety of healthy foods, just as they do

during pregnancy.

The only exception is if your baby has food allergies / sensitivities, that is

but rarely heard. If your family has a strong history of allergies to a

certain foods (such as nuts), you may want to consider avoiding them during breastfeeding

and during pregnancy.

Enjoy your baby care!


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