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How I Conceived a Baby Girl Naturally - Three Effective Ways to Influence Your Baby's Sex

Many people do not like to talk about it, and many do not openly admit it, but studies show that around 75% of us choose our baby's sexuality if we can.

When I decided to have a baby, I also decided that I really wanted to have a daughter. It's not that there's anything wrong with boys, it's just that my partner and I always have our hearts set on a baby girl.

I did a lot of research on gender selection, and read everything from the Shettle Method, to Diet Gender Selection through the Billings Method. While many believe that there is nothing you can do to influence your child's sexuality, there are many others who believe you can increase your chances of 50% to about 75-85%.

I like most moms to be, definitely happy with a healthy baby, but still want to try gender selection. Honestly what do I need to lose? As long as I only do natural ways to try to influence my baby's sex, what can I do. And hey, it might work.

After a little research I found that the three most important steps to follow if you want to try to influence your baby's sexuality and try to conceive a baby girl are:

1) Charting - Mapping your cycle is one of the most important parts of gender selection. Basically sex time will help determine your baby's sexuality. The theory here is that the male sperm, 'live fast and die young', while female sperm is more than 'slow and steady female wins the type of girl', and usually lives for 3 - 5 days . The way to use this information is to fertilize 3 to 5 days of ovulation to ensure that only female sperm are available to fertilize the egg;

2) Vitamins to change your PH level - This is what I think personally makes the biggest difference. If you take the right vitamins at the right time, it can help you feel a baby girl.

To start taking calcium and magnesium daily. (Start at least 4 - 6 weeks before you start pregnant). In addition to calcium and magnesium tablets, you should take cranberry pills or take cranberry juice daily for 7 days before ovulation. Once you have ovulation, you can stop taking cranberries until the start of your next cycle;

3) Changing your diet - Much has been said about dietary gender selection, but to put it simply try to add the following foods to your diet:

Many dairy foods and high in calcium (some studies say that full-fat dairy is better);

Sweet foods like chocolate (not too much, think about pre-baby body);

Lots of fresh fish and vegetables; and

Cranberry or cranberry juice

While raising the food above, try to limit high potassium foods such as bananas; and try to avoid too much red meat and salty foods.

Also try to keep your daily calorie limit under 2000, as women with a high calorie diet are more likely to have boys.

Keep in mind that while the above methods will definitely increase your chances of having a baby girl, it's important to remember that gender selection is never 100% guaranteed, so make sure you don't get your heart set on one gender. Just in case.


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