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Fibromyalgia, CFS, The Internet, Miracle Pills and the Birth of Quackery

In this article, I'm going to blow up some myths.

There are thousands of companies trying to sell you Fibromyalgia / CFS cures on the internet; all have the same story. Take their pills or supplements, follow their diet or their diet, or maybe even avoid certain foods, and you will recover from the pain, illness, and fatigue.

There are detox regimes, candida antidote, herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals, hormone supplements, liver cleansing, amino acids and so on. Some of the more convincing ads for this product were disguised as test-supported articles involving 10 or 20 subjects on placebo. Despite what they can advertise, this is NOT a clinical trial, they are a small-scale trial run by a product manufacturer and surprise, surprise, results are always positive.

So what happened and why are we all still suffering?

The majority of these pills and supplements are of no use in terms of the quality they advertise. They will not cure Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Some have a level of constipation and can alleviate one or more symptoms of your disease, as parasetamol can relieve headaches for several hours.

They can work in the short term, it's a strange anomaly that placebo drugs often work in the short term, and this is all due to the strength of our minds, our psychological reactions, and our incredible desire to get better.

Or, if your condition is incorrect Fibromyalgia / CFS and your body suffers from food shortages, then firmly on the grounds that by adding and removing deficiencies you may experience an immediate cure.

Such cases are relatively rare in modern society, but it should be noted that cases of malnutrition in North America are growing rapidly due to fast food diets. However, this document is intended to diagnose Fibromyalgia sufferers and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Fact Statement: NO LONGER OR ADDITIONAL GIVEN YOU Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

From a nutritional point of view, you should follow the very advice, generally appropriate to eat 5 or more portions of fresh, raw and lightly cooked fruits daily, with a good balance of protein and carbohydrates.

Avoid red meat, too much sugar, too much milk, and alcohol. I'm afraid I have to go, at least for the next 12 months.

With this well-balanced diet, you will not lack any nutrients your body needs, or may cause fatigue, or limit your recovery from your condition. And, you will not place undue strain on your digestive system, which is not currently functioning.

I would recommend taking high quality multivitamin / multimineral supplements to supplement any deficiencies you may have daily. They will definitely harm you and for a small price will eliminate your fears that there may be a lack of diet. Always bring them food.

Any good health store will do a lot of good, there will be a lot of competition, talk to the manager and they will recommend a good quality balanced supplement.

Avoid being sold among chemists and supermarkets. Manufacturers of this supplement are well under the RDA to protect vendors from the recent darkness by people claiming they have been damaged by excess vitamin A or any current trend (when in fact they are alcoholic).

There is evidence that the powder capsules can absorb more in the intestines than the solid ones but I can't personally confirm that this seems reliable.

Another major industry behind the Fibromyalgia / CFS outbreak is food allergy and intolerance tests, and candida antidote.

Again hundreds of companies that sell you test kits, candida cures, allergies and more, etc. It really breaks the soul.

Everyone on this planet will tolerate certain foods better or worse than others, this can be attributed to genetic and cultural make-up or environmental factors.


For example, the majority of people on this planet will have an immune reaction to cow's milk. What this means is that there is a high degree of stress on the digestive system in terms of breaking down lactose which is very difficult to digest.

In turn, this may stimulate the immune response in people with Fibromyalgia / CFS / CFIDS to induce the immune response and prolonged immune response, and therefore a symptom of their symptoms.

The only way to find out effectively and accurately the product that triggers the immune response is to test for antibody blood serum, you should find a company that does this for around $ 300.

You pay them the money they send in the test kits, you stab your finger to prepare a small sample of blood that you send back to them, and they test your antibody reaction to a hundred or more food and family products.

Reactions will be classified as small, large or extreme, extreme, usually dairy / yeast / gluten or albumen and alcohol should be very limited or even temporarily eliminated to see if your symptoms improve.

I will organize this as a must to get a "quick victory" regarding your overall fatigue. It is definitely a good start and if you have been eating a lot of food products that stimulate a strong immune response and you have Fibromyalgia or CFS right then you will have a clear improvement in your symptoms by discarding it.

However your immune system is still damaged, and I'll talk about the techniques we use to stimulate the healing of the Autonomic Nervous System later.

Finally, to put the record straight on some other things.

You should NOT tell if someone is intolerant or allergic to foods that use hair analysis, or produce an electro-catheter to the point of acupuncture associated with a computer or any other new age was mentioned. This is the new frenzy and the oiling snake at the lowest fall !!

The same garbage is mentioned about liver and colon cleansing. They are the organs of purification and removal, that is, they do it themselves. They are self-cleansing, self-regulating organs. Don't try to do this.

Please do NOT have dental mercury amalgam removed unless you have a thorough test showing that they somehow damage and poison your system. This is not likely to happen if installed correctly in the first place.

Copyright 2006 Mark Shaw


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