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Important Points to Help You Get Pregnant - Quitting Smoking and Alcohol Consumption For Pregnancy

For most women, having a baby is like baking a cake but for some unfortunate women it is not that easy. For these women, trying to feel the baby requires a lot of attention, patience and dedication. Some have struggled for years trying to get pregnant and some have failed. They may have failed because they have lost some important things to get pregnant.

One of the important things to do with pregnancy is lifestyle modification. This includes modifying your diet and changing some of the bad habits. One of the most unwanted things you need to stop is smoking and alcohol use. Both of these have been proven to prevent the conception of having no adverse effect on you and your baby.

Cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals including cyanide, nicotine and lead. These chemicals are very toxic and can cause a variety of complications. The two most harmful chemicals in cigarettes are nicotine and carbon monoxide which are responsible for almost all smoking-related pregnancy complications. These include premature births, miscarriages and low birth weight.

The use of alcohol is not an exception. It has been shown that men who use 3 glasses of alcohol daily tend to have lower sperm count and mobility than men who do not drink. One study also revealed that alcohol use in women undergoing in vitro fertilization has reduced the chances of having a baby. In addition, drinking alcohol during pregnancy can lead to abnormal fetal development.

Therefore, if you want to get pregnant quickly, you may consider quitting smoking and drinking alcohol.


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