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High Performance Body Building Supplements 101

This supplement is selected based on your fitness goals. Most of your bodybuilding goals include: Bulking (exercising muscles), cutting (losing body fat), and extra strength, energy and recovery.


Anabolic muscle building pros are a broad category. Protein powder falls under this as well as supplements that include muscle building, hormones that support anabolic substances such as: tribulus, fenugreek and eurycoma longfolia. This type of material either improves protein synthesis or supports cellular volume. In other words, they help to gain weight in the form of muscle mass.


Thermogenics is a supplement used to increase the body's core temperature and therefore, increase the amount of calories burned throughout the day. The ingredients you find in the thermogenic supplement include: guggulsterones (herbs grown in India), and 7 keto DHEA (non-hormone steroids).

Stimulant-based fat burners help the body use more fat for fuel (the common ingredient is caffeine, and as a result, this also gives you more energy) and non-stimulant-based fat burners help metabolize food into energy while maintaining less fat. Many non-stimulating fat burners are also doubled as anti-aging anti-fatigue products.

Volumizers / Pumps

This supplement gives you more power and strength to perform heavy lifting sessions. Creatine falls into this category as the most common example. This product improves blood flow to the muscles. It helps in growth and recovery.


These supplements are usually taken before training to maximize energy and minimize fatigue with the idea, more energy + harder training = better results. This category includes ATP replacement products as well as carbohydrates that are designed specifically, adding glucose (sugar) to the muscles to gain more "endurance." Endurance athletes also tend to use this product.

Then there's always a bar of energy, drinks, and shots. For the most part, this is primarily sugar or caffeine-based and is not recommended if you have serious goals in mind. Especially if you limit fine sugar. In this case, it's best to go for food that provides energy.


Now we're in the fun part. Once you have your specific goals, your basics of supplemental knowledge, and you have chosen your brand, it's time to know the supplement diets. This is often called "compiling." It may seem a bit overwhelming at first but it becomes really easy when you use it for the supplement you choose. For example, you know that you want to take energy, or make pump supplements before training and protein and (usually) glutamine after. Don't worry it will all come along with a little practice!

The world of sports supplements is vast. The best approach is to find out your specific goals and to either hire a trainer who can recommend the right supplement for your goal, or do your research.

Good luck and happy building!


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