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How Can I Lose My Belly Fat NOW?

Have you been to the beach or pool lately? Does it look like everyone has perfect abs except you? Are you dissatisfied, and want to lose your belly fat now? Then read it!

Here are some tips to get you on track for losing your belly fat as quickly as possible:

1. Nutrition is everything. You can spend 3 hours on the treadmill daily, but if you eat poorly, you will see absolutely NO improvement. Think about it. Is it easier to spend an hour on the treadmill and lose 400 calories, or just cut 3 pieces of cheese for the day? ... right.

2. Save food logs! Continuous countless studies have shown that people who keep log food lose twice as much weight as they do not. Keeping a food log will give you a good idea of ​​what (or how bad) you really are.

3. Keep practicing! Just because you eat well, doesn't mean you have to stop cardio. Cardio works your legs, which is your biggest muscle group. As your muscles work, they use calories to pamper themselves, and guess which calories they take? Right, your fat storage!

4. Don't forget about the stomach! Your abdominal muscles are also important to build, if you get tight, but your abs are less developed, you still won't see it! The three main groups of abs are upper abs, lower abs and obliques (lower abs). Be sure to work with each group for the best effect!


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