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Facts About Foods and Steps For Losing Belly Fat

Before undergoing weight loss on the steps to reduce belly fat, let's take a look at the following facts about the main diet that people use with paunches.

Simple facts about:

  • Fat and oil - 9 calories per gram of fat / oil is what you will get, so a healthy portion is up to 20% of total daily calorie intake.

  • Alcohol - The term beer gut is not created in vain; Alcohol has a very high calorie density (7 calories / gram) which converts most quickly into body fat. So think sweet wine (1650 calories / liter, 15% alcohol with 15% sugar) will do for your belly fat if it is not cut down.

  • Carbohydrates - They come in simple and complex forms but are transformed by the body into real fat. Carbs are converted to glucose during digestion and blood glucose levels tell us if we are hungry or not. If your body gets used to more glucose, a slight fall will make you hungry, causing your fat storage to rise.

  • Proteins - They slow down digestion, reduce blood glucose intake and significantly reduce hunger, making the body burn fat more effectively. Protein itself is difficult to convert to fat and requires 1 calorie per gram for conversion. That translates to 0.4 grams of fat derived from grams of protein.

So the heart of the matter lies in eating foods that take longer to digest. Get more protein, lactose and fructose (they will compensate for the lack of free carbohydrates in the blood) for this purpose along with many fiber-rich foods (e.g., dark bread, fresh fruit, brown rice, raw vegetables, etc); if possible go for as much raw food as possible.

The last step to losing belly fat is to exercise; not an aerobic exercise or a lengthy weight training session but a short and intense training regime. The benefits of these short and intense weight training sessions allow the body to burn fat for extra energy but you also need an empty stomach for the next few hours.

A cup of coffee (without milk or sugar) before exercise will maintain a high level of blood sugar and overall energy and will help you have a more intense session, which will help you burn more belly fat.


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