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Can Running Help You Lose Belly Fat?

People daily walk on the treadmill, the beach, around their road block, their local park in the hope of losing weight and being fit. Most know that walking is great for losing weight but can help you lose belly fat too? This is the area that most want to get rid of.

The fact is that jogging, sprinting and other methods are a great way to get a good cardio workout. Your heart rate increases and your lungs pump oxygen around your body. Your body starts to sweat as a form of cooling and the fat starts to melt.

By moving your body as you exercise, your energy is concentrated on various parts of the body and one of these is your stomach. So the answer is yes, walking can help you lose belly fat. It may not be the most effective method, but it will give you results. If you walk on a sloping surface like a hill or on a treadmill that can be tilted, you will get better results as it will bring you more work to do.

Always remember to warm up before starting your work. This way you avoid any strain, cramps or other injuries that can be very painful. Wear comfortable, special shoes that will not bend over the edge easily so that you do not sink your ankle as this is one of the most common injuries that runners sustain. Also, don't forget the water, stay hydrated all the time!


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