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Not Just Caffeine - Is Your Pre-Workout Ripping You Off?

In today's age and the emerging market, the supplement industry is booming. The Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements industry is projected to generate $ 61 BILLION by 2021, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The growth of the supplement industry has led to better research on the ingredients included in the supplement and overall better products. People are becoming more aware of what they are taking and what is not. But there's still a problem. These great supplement brands (I wouldn't call any of them out ... for now) sell supplements that don't have the amount of ingredients you need to make them effective. How do they do this? Through a proprietary mix.

What is a proprietary combination?

Proprietary mixes are a way for companies to cover, or hide, how much material they actually include in a product. For example, supplement manufacturers can say they have a "Performance mix" of 5 grams. Under the "mix" they list the ingredients but do not tell you how many ingredients are in it. That being said, supplement brands can say "We use alanine beta, Creatine and BCAA in our performance mix" but only have half a gram of each in the mix, one dose that is too low and will be worth nothing. As a user, you know there are 5 grams in this mix, but don't know how many ingredients are in the mix. An additional company can make 99% mix of cheap ingredients and then use 15 other valuable ingredients to cover the other 1%. Sounds like ripping? Most of the time it's unfortunate.

Why does the proprietor incorporate the problem?

This combination allows companies to grow their profit margins as they do not spend money on quality ingredients to create great products. In many pre-training supplements I see companies doing this right. The only ingredient they actually give you is enough? Caffeine and stimulants, make "Kool-Aid caffeine" as I like to call it. Then when you take your pre-workout, you'll get caffeine and stimulants and think "Wow this is amazing!", Without realizing that you're not getting the ingredients you need to do short-term and better. Not to mention that these caffeine-free products only make you miserable and want to sleep near your workout. Some of these pre-exercises have a lot of stimulation in them that actually makes them sick, I included. This is my main problem with the supplement industry that makes me angry because people are really ripped off. Hell I could go buy caffeine powder and it would cost me ten times and cost half as much as this pre-popular exercise.

What Should Come to My Pre-Training?

If your pre-workout spoon weighs less than 10 grams, I would say the product is declining, unless it's very cheap. (Under $ 20 for a month's supply) I say this because you can't fit all your pre-workout requirements to less than 10 grams. Beta-Alanine is a must in pre-training; it is too effective and studied to ignore. 2 grams of each minimum meal is required to be effective. BCAA should be in your pre-training too. Although they are expensive to incorporate, the benefits are not negligible. It's also much cheaper for users to combine their pre-training with BCAA than to buy them separately. 5 grams per serving is effective. Some types of strength boosters should be included in your pre-workout as well as effective doses. (Creatine (minimum 2 grams), betaine (minimum 1 gram), beta alanine (2 grams minimum), etc.) Most people take pre-training to receive pumps, so look for ingredients like Citrulline Malate (4 grams minimum), Agmatine sulfate (minimum 500 mg), Arginine AAKG (minimum 1.5 grams), Glycerol (minimum 750 milligrams), and so on. Finally, some types of ingredients to help you focus are Huperzine A, Choline, N-Acetyl L-tyrosine, and others. Look, I'm not saying that every pre-workout should have 20 grams of spoon with all the great ingredients and it should have all the ingredients mentioned above. What I emphasize is that your pre-workout has at least some of the above categories covered (strength boosters, pumps, focus, etc.) with the right prohibited ingredients.

In conclusion

Be careful to see what labels you buy, especially when it comes to pre-training. Find the right ingredients and get tired if you see the size of a small dish. (under 10 grams) As a consumer, try educating yourself to know what you're buying and if it's worth the money.


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