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What's the Peter Jackson Weight Loss Secret? Introducing the Skull Island Diet

What is the secret to Peter Jackson's weight loss? The image we have most in the film's Lord of the Rings is a vivid and impressive figure of one of his Hobbit characters.

In fact, people in the film industry and Jackson fans started seeing the new Peter Jackson almost a year ago. But now only with all the publicity surrounding the features released by King Kong will soon be released to the public a thin, free version of the man and start wondering about Peter Jackson's diet.

And it's not hard to see why there's so much interest. Peter Jackson lost weight - he weighed about 70 pounds (32 pounds).

So what's the secret to his diet?

Is that Diet On the South Coast? Cave Man Diet? Atkins Diet? did some research and found that Jackson did not follow any popular fad diet. The real secret to Peter Jackson's weight loss phenomenon has been dubbed the "Skull Island Diet," after the fictional house of King Kong.

Jackson, drawn by all the new images he received, emphasized lifestyle changes, not the diet responsible for his weight loss.

"I was bored and overweight, so I changed my diet from hamburger to yoghurt and muesli and it seemed to work," Jackson told Britain's Daily Telegraph.

Jackson is reportedly not on a specific exercise program either, but has spoken several times about his 21-hour day job in the King Kong set, which is undoubtedly part of his weight loss.

Jackson said he was cutting during the day and shooting at night for the last few months, who had been sleeping for three hours. "I thought I was some kind of Superman, but I hugged him."

And what about Jackson's free watch status? No, unfortunately losing weight does not improve your vision. Jackson underwent laser surgery, explaining that he had grown "tired of being outdoors with rain and dust in his glasses".


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