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Tweaking Your Nervous System

Here is the problem: The nervous system that smells and absorbs through life always leads to illness after illness, then to a miserable old age filled with doctor visits and numerous prescriptions - and, finally, the blinds.

Why not avoid a lot of misery and accidents? Many drugs called aging drugs are the result of nervous system problems, which can be reversed. So let's talk about some tweaks that give the nerve a happy boost.

1. Get good nutrition, good diet and dietary programs tailored to do what your body needs. Unfortunately, the facts about what constitutes good nutrition seem to be in the witness protection program, and hardly anyone knows how it happened. Many of us think we do, but we do not; we need to learn a better way.

Don't take advice from programs like "The Biggest Loser." Their external dietary advice promotes poor health, not good health. The coaches do their best to teach what they teach, fully persuading good information, but they are wrong. That's right.

2. Breathe deeply - and right. We all know how to breathe, of course, but most of us take shallow breaths, while tweaking the nervous system takes a deep, slow, rib-cage breath.

In addition to helping the nerves, these deep breathing techniques relax the body. Why does that night become a dervish of spin instead of sleep? Focusing on breathing techniques prevents your brain from jumping from topic to topic, which also helps.

3. Get cold once, or maybe several times a day. Drink cold water. Put a cold wet cloth on your face for a few seconds. To take advantage of this cool business, take a cold shower. Freezing in the bathroom takes things too far in my mind, but you might like it.

4. Sleep (or lie down) to your right. It increases the variability of your heart rate and changes the nervous system, the vagus nerve.

5. Sing! The stronger the better. And singing in groups, whether in choirs, church compliments, or lively pep songs, helps even more.

6. Gargle as often as you can. Don't drink a glass of water without getting gargle.

7. Chew gum. Unfortunately, sugar-free sugars contain aspartam, which covers your nervous system, and regular sugars include high fructose corn syrup, which is hard on many parts of the body. Some people cut candy with xylitol sugar, but it is an immediate diarrhea for some people. So this is a complicated business. But it's worth hunting for something that works.

8. Laugh! The harder you laugh, the better. More than just a happy mood, it's about all the muscles that are laughing and jiggles. has thousands of comedy clips in various categories. It may take a year to see all the possibilities that come up when you search for "clean comedy." Personally, watching Tim Conway's dentist and elephant training did a trick for me — no matter how many times I watched them.

9. Pet a dog, play with a child or hug someone. It helps release your body's oxytocin, your I-love-world hormone.

10. Pray and meditate to solve the problem. Prayer and meditation really make a physical change in our body, but that's not something scholars do. If you were angry at the world when you started and were still angry at the world when you quit, it didn't work. You may need more practice.

11. Finally, cough also moves the muscles that benefit the nervous system.

So you have eleven tweaks to your nervous system. (I left a "helpful" tip on getting injections into the brain that "might" work. Yikes!)


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