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Why the Benefits Of Letting Your Body Go Hungry Have Been Ignored

It is not necessary to disregard the health benefits of prolonged periods without food (fasting) and leave your body hungry before eating, but you have never heard of it. Why is that? The answer has to do with the fact that nobody makes money if you don't eat! Think about it! Most of the information we receive today, directly or indirectly, comes from someone trying to sell us something. (For example, everywhere you look, there are ads, whether on TV, Magazines, radio, billboards, or the web.) It is estimated that an average person receives thousands of ads every day. A large percentage of these ads are from food companies trying to persuade you to eat them by telling you how good or how good your health is. Food companies alone spend billions a year on advertising. This is my question. Who makes money when you don't eat? Nobody! Since no one makes money from you when you don't eat, who would be interested in promoting the benefits of fasting or not eating? Nobody, or at least very few people.

I'm not saying that food companies don't care about their customers' health or that there's something wrong with advertising, but that they have products for sale and if the solution doesn't involve their product, they won't promote the solution. At the end of the day, it is not their job to promote solutions that they do not benefit from. They are in the food business, not the weight loss business. The only people who are interested in promoting this healthy idea are people like me who sell information about books or pay for websites that make money directly from users and do not rely on sponsors to pay for our site to make money. Our loyalty lies with our customers because our customers pay our salaries, and we know that if we want our customers to keep coming, whether to buy our books or to continue their membership, we need to provide them with the best information possible. Unfortunately, our advertising budget can't compete with the billions of dollars the food industry spends on advertising, so this is one of the reasons why you don't hear about the benefits of keeping your body hungry before eating.

The reason why most nutritionists do not teach about hunger and nutrition is important because most college courses on nutrition do not emphasize it. I remember all the nutrition courses I took, and no one talked about the importance of keeping your body hungry. All courses focus on the calories and types of foods we should eat or avoid.

As to why most colleges and universities don't emphasize the benefits of fasting and keep your body hungry, I can only speculate. The evidence was overwhelming, the only conclusion I could make was that there was something else that kept them from teaching about fasting and hunger. My guess is that special interest groups, such as the food industry, have sponsored numerous studies and newsletters published by universities.

Think about it. It is not in the interests of the food industry for people to eat only when hungry because they will eat more food. The food industry, through the millions of dollars they spend on lobbying, has a huge impact on government nutrition. Also, the food industry spends a lot of money on college and university research studies. Do you think it is in the best interests of universities and colleges to teach what can hurt their biggest sponsors? Of course not.

A great book to read about the food industry and the great influence we have today, is by Marion Nestle's book "Food Politics". You will be surprised when you find out how much the food industry is affecting.

The point is that the food industry has a huge impact on governments and educational institutions and any information that prevents food sales from being ignored or suppressed. Because most educational institutions do not emphasize the benefits of fasting and eating less frequently, most nutritionists, who have information from such institutions, do not realize the benefits.

Although I am a big believer in the value of education, sometimes structured education, such as colleges and universities, can blind people. That's what I think has happened with most nutritionists and that's why so few of them teach the importance of fasting and keep your body hungry before eating.

Now, you know why one of the best things you can do for your health has been kept calm!


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