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Thyroid, Adrenals, & Immunity - A Clear Path to Surviving Swine Flu

Myopic public health machines are clinging to antivirus drugs and future experimental vaccines as their main hope is to minimize potential swine flu pandemics. It's a very sad help paradigm. What the public really needs is reliable immune system information that not only helps to overcome the fear of the flu, but also provides significant steps to take in addition to hand washing, hygiene, and reducing potential exposure. In the case of a pandemic, everyone will be exposed. The million dollar question is: What determines the fitness of the fitness system?

Our bodies are used to fight infection and we have very advanced weapons or we as a nation will not survive previous battles. Your body is a power, not a virus. Do you know how to unleash your potential?

The basis of any aspect of health is energy. You must have the energy to do everything, and you must have the energy to prevent infection or promote efficient immune response. Your immune system in a timely manner is intense energy operation.

Your brain coordinates your energy consumption during infection, as a commander and leader. The language used depends heavily on the signaling system of the short-term immune system called cytokines. Cytokines are communication molecules that share the connections between your nervous system, your immune system, your thyroid function, and your adrenals.

Cytokines are involved in inflammation and anti-inflammation. Those who have recently died from the swine flu have experienced a "cytokine storm" leading to death - which means that their critical functioning system cannot meet the demands of the infection. Why not?

Infringer Pioneer

Just as you may be a little startled by a stranger entering your home, your body sends a 911 signal to your command and control center (gland hypothalamus) as soon as the infection is identified. Essentially, your body is getting ready for war and is on the alert. This early process is very inflammatory and is an important part of strengthening your defense system. It is triggered by a cross-cytokine signal between the immune cells and your hypothalamic gland.

Because this process is so inflammatory, your brain knows that it needs an extra supply of anti-inflammatory lubricants to keep things cool, such as making sure you have enough oil in your car engine to keep it running without getting too hot. In your body, this function is performed by your adrenal glands. Thus, the cytokine directly speaks to your hypothalamic / pituitary / adrenal axis and tells it to increase the production of quenching (cortisol).

What happens if you are already under the adrenal glands? In other words, what if you are already stressed, tired, tired, anxious, irritable, and in the general trend of wear and tear? The answer is - there is no way you are going to make the right amount of lubricant because your system is either out of shape or running on credit cards that are overvalued.

This problem is what makes you more at risk for cytokine storms. During intense infections your body must balance the need to create highly inflammatory compounds with the need to protect your body from inflammation. If the infection is severe, you must develop many inflammatory compounds. If you do not have sufficient supply of relaxation reserves because you have spent it on daily life, you may be in trouble.

This may be a wake-up call for many people to find a better balance in their lives, especially during a potential pandemic flu. Relieving yourself from stress or pushing too hard in general, especially when combined with poor quality sleep, puts your immune system at a significant disadvantage.

The best way to test the health of the system is to do aerobic exercise. In this case, exercise pressure actually activates the increased need for anti-inflammatory reserves - increasing your cortisol up to five times the normal rest value. Cortisol at this level then activates endorphins and you gain a runner's height (or at least feel fresh). Exercising too much will make you laugh and those who don't exercise enough will also have the fitness to question the infection.

This way, if you feel you are on the verge of bug fighting, cut the intensity or avoid aerobics until you are done fighting the infection. This is because the aerobic demand is so strong that your body also needs to activate the immune response.

There are many nutrients you can use to boost your adrenals, including high protein breakfast, pantetin, Q10, magnesium, B complexes, and vitamin C. There are also many nutrients that can help your adrenals eliminate inflammation, including quercetin, bromelain, and curcumin - to to name a few. Of course, there is no shortage of sleep. For a more complete discussion please see my adrenal and health topics topic page.

Energetic Competence

The next most important issue is the function of your thyroid system, as it facilitates the rate at which your body can produce energy. Many individuals struggle with weak thyroid function and this is an obvious weakness that can counteract the energy available, especially in the face of increasing energy needs such as fighting infection.

The relatively new science has determined how toxins come from infection is a major challenge to your thyroid function. This information indicates that when toxic infectious particles are detected by your hypothalamic gland, thyroid function is gradually rejected in response to the initial inflammatory gene signal needed to fight infection. This is a possible system of survival within and of itself, as energy needs to be shifted to immune function and away from general metabolic needs. However, it seems that lines can cross where too much poison can only damage your thyroid function - creating a major problem for immune function. In addition, the infection continues to flow into the thyroid gland itself.

This inflammation problem will be exacerbated by existing thyroid problems, especially in those with pre-existing thyroid autoantibodies. The problem of thyroid weakness is problematic, as they will hinder general energy production. By the time one has increased thyroid autoantibodies (5% of the population), it means that the adrenals' anti-inflammatory reserve has also been depleted.

Leptin resistance causes the same thyroid problems in your brain, as your body gets a false impression that you are starving and subsequently changes your metabolism by deactivating TRH (thyrotropin releasing hormone). This means that following the Leptin Diet is a really good idea to avoid putting your thyroid function under stressful conditions based on how you eat.

The anti-thyroid reaction targets the same TRH signal in your hypothalamus, but is designed by non-food signal input. There is a special glial cell called tanycytes that is the major field in your hypothalamic gland. These cells sense the particles of infection and actually produce additional T3 in your hypothalamic gland alone, which makes your brain think that your body has enough T3, which in turn frees TRH production and thus reduces thyroid output throughout the body you. Interestingly, this is one of the reasons why people with subclinical or chronic low grade virus infections usually have a sluggish thyroid problem.

Another significant thyroid stress is the toxicity of drugs used to fight viral infections. Although there is no specific study on Tamiflu and thyroid, the fact that Tamiflu causes psychiatric disorders in childhood is evidence that it interferes with normal adrenal and thyroid function. We know that other viral therapies, such as those used for HIV or hepatitis, can be very toxic to the thyroid.

This means that the treatment of the virus may take a toll on the thyroid, so it's a good idea to have your system working properly so that you don't get sick and if you have to fight the cold you want to make sure your thyroid works as well as possible.

Strength training exercises help the thyroid work better, as one end point of the thyroid metabolism is to integrate smoothly with growth hormone to stimulate muscle recovery. It's a good idea to have muscles that are compatible with any potential flu pandemic, as your muscles act as a bank account of the protein your body will use in the time it takes to make antibodies. The more muscle you have, the better chance of survival. I have seen over the years that when people maintain their muscles, they are less prone to illness.

Please refer to my thyroid health topics page for more information.


Your immune system needs to activate a variety of disinfecting forces to protect you. The basis for this task is energy on demand, just like having money in savings for the time it takes. You help promote this savings by living in line with your hormone system.

Eating in harmony with leptin helps your adrenal, thyroid, and immune. If you are not physically fit or muscular, then there is no better time to start. Even if the U.S. rescued by swine flu this summer, there is a high chance that it will fall in the coming autumn. This may give you a little extra time to get better.

Maintaining your adrenal and thyroid optimal function is key to many aspects of health, including immunity.


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