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My Good Sex Secret Coming From the Science of Orgasm - Semen Retention For Explosive Sex

There is a lot of science that can be very useful to people trying to have the best sex imaginable. Remarkably many people are researching the most advanced sex techniques in the lab. So my good sex secret this week came from scientist Barry Komisaruk and his book The Science of Orgasm where he saw how we could have a bigger and better orgasm.

In his book Barry writes that the pleasure of orgasm for men is based on how strong each muscle contraction produces orgasm. Men have 8 muscular contractions during orgasm and each one gets stronger and more intense the man's sperm screams. This is where it's interesting. If we have a large amount of sperm stored organs we should be much more intense than if we had only a small amount because our body needs more muscle contraction to release it.

So we have to keep sperm for weeks and weeks to have a giant orgasm, right? This is the part where it gets complicated, because if we just keep the sperm for too long the fluid will eventually be absorbed by the body and the result is actually less sperm!

This is where diet and proper spacing between organs are important:

Foods to Increase Cement Production for Larger Organs

The first key to getting better orgasm is to make your diet better. Fortunately this is not too difficult and is not one of the diet plans that make you feel bad if you eat cake too! Instead of just adding certain foods to your diet will help you increase your production of semen for great sex.

The first type of food is those that contain folate (Folic acid and vitamin B9 are other names for this vitamin). These foods have a strong history to help increase your semen production. Many healthy foods have high levels of vitamins so you get the added benefit of extra energy too! Spinach, lentils, nuts, sunflower seeds, bread 'reinforced' and asparagus are all good sources.

Lycopene is a great sperm maker too. Vegetables and fruits in red (except strawberries and cherries) have a high content of lycopene. Tomatoes (Fortunately including tomato sauce) are vegetables and most of your favorite fruits (like papaya and watermelon) are also high.

The other major source is citrus fruit. These fruits are important because of the high levels of vitamin C required for sperm production.

Orgasm Spaces and Getting the Time Between Orgasm

After orgasm, your body begins the process of increasing the amount of sperm that has been stored to make it ejaculated. After about 3 days the optimal amount of semen was stored and the body began to absorb any extra. Therefore, 3 days is usually the optimum time to have the best orgasm.

To get the most out of it really takes your time with foreplay and sex. This will ensure that your body really ensures that your body really shines a lot when you finally orgasm. When you bring yourself to orgasm, it should feel like an explosion.

With good sex secrets like this, that says science is boring!


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