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The Truth About Being Skinny and Becoming Skinny

My name is LeeAnn Harper, I've been obsessed with diet and exercise for now! Why not? because I always wondered what those skinny girls knew, that I didn't know. I grew up as an overweight kid looking for answers and after battling Canadian food guides, nutritionists and dietitians suggested that I be thin and healthy I was still stuck! No weight wants to go out and the frustration won't go away.

After years of finding and exercising new diets and exercise routines, I can finally say that I have the answer! Dieting is a term that you can be scared of and if you use this term it is a good idea that you have had bad success like I did in the past and need to read the following so you can shift your mind to becoming a slim woman and not a diabetic.

Thin woman's mind

A thin woman's mind is not obsessed with food, nor is she worried about her next meal. The mind of a thin woman ate during Hungary and stopped when full. It makes sense, doesn't it? She'll eat to live and stop so she won't eat. Dietetic thoughts of women

Dietetic thoughts of women

The mind of a dietician has analyzed her diet, counting how many calories she has in her diet, depending on how many calories she takes in a day as an indicator of fullness, trying to eat the same amount of calories daily in order to maintain a stable or defective weight. to reduce body fat. A woman with diabetes often finds herself dieting and is unaware that this is an unreasonable cycle as she does not stop. Life is not fully enjoyed due to eating disorders and eating disorders.

So how do you lose weight so you can stop thinking of food? and start living like a thin woman? You have to learn how to eat properly, I'm sure you've heard it before but I've never thought about it clearly, so I can explain why you did what you didn't see the result.

Debunked Calorie Calculations!

Calories are not a good indication of how much fuel you need to consume just because calories come from Protein and Fat sources are completely different from calories derived from carbohydrate sources. They do two different things in the body.

These sources of protein and fat will provide you with energy, muscle and tissue repair and assist in the removal of body fat as they are excellent for lowering and stabilizing blood sugar levels so you can easily dip into fat storage.

When eating the wrong Carbohydrates gives you energy, they quickly turn into sugars that give you the wrong taste. This false hunger drives blood sugar levels through the roof so that fat burning is not in equilibrium until blood sugar is restored to normal.

The key to losing weight is all in the control of blood sugar, and you control your blood sugar levels by eating foods that don't cause an increase in your metabolism. These foods include chicken, beef, fish, pork, beans, oil, butter, green vegetables and small fruits. Once you have reached the desired level of body fat eating foods that cause blood sugar levels will not be a problem as long as you do not eat more then that is when you need to start thinking like a lean woman instead of a diabetic. Eat in Hungary and stop when it's full.


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