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Yoga, Nutrition, Organic Food, Health & Wellbeing Have All in Recent Years Become Very Much Stylish

As Life Gsy gave me a theme for this month; I was sitting on the Organic Planet on Tottenham Court Road, in the midst of a crowd rushing to buy their supplements, often free of charge and organic vegetables, slamming against the wall with a funky Yoga Mat or gym bag blowing over their shoulder . The lines are busy and the factory is bulging and there is real buzz in the air. People not only embrace the new wellness trend, they actually look really excited to take care of themselves.

And yes, I feel stylish just here! I have 'gear' and ordered me a healthy and nutritious salad, while taking a lunch break from training at the famous London Yoga Studio, and yes it felt good to sit back and watch all this rest before my eyes. I have spent many of my yoga careers in and from various global studios around the world, and ironically, a L.A.-based yoga teacher. recently told me how much he liked that London's 'finally catching up!'

We slowly but surely turned our backs on fast food and lots of processing, wrapped in rims with refined sugar and salt, and hopefully more honest synthetic waste.

I mean, we're all there - constantly checking our phones, ignoring our pain and crying for rest, grabbing fast food or processed foods because we obviously don't have the 'time' to stop and provide something healthy!

We have become a resident every time the phone rings or we hear a new sound, a cortisol hormone boost, but the thing is, our cortisol levels were originally created for us to be in 'flight or fight' mode. when we have a rather scary encounter with a bear in the jungle while hunting, it is not to respond to every aspect of our modern technology.

Our sleep quality has dropped dramatically, levels or medications set to combat stress and anxiety have tenfold, and we can easily lose touch with ourselves as more humans become.

Now, I am not a person who thinks about how we should be, in fact I am guilty of all of the above - and a shocking surprise, sometimes even with a level of awareness. I knew first hand how to check our first email in the morning, just after opening our eyes to something normal. I worked in finance for 14 years and ignored my back pain, my stress levels always pleased me, and at one point borrowing in Asia; finding myself among my other friends after a long day of watching our three blinking screens, watching the market fluctuate in a variety of red and green, it was easy to head to the local wine bar and stay there until we blocked any signal from mind or body to slow down.

So my point is that while Yoga and Health and Wellness are definitely fashionable, I hope that instead of being the next fad in the cold cycle or the latest, we are practicing to be aware and continue to take responsibility for our own health and well-being.

When the current trend is in fashion; we tend to go to the head first to change everything at once, and curse ourselves for when we 'miss', but it would not be wonderful if, instead, we just allowed the positive changes that were once formed can easily be seen taking care of ourselves a little better, being able to recognize when we need to slow down, and when we feel overwhelmed or just exhausted, it actually takes time to stop for just a moment, maybe cook a healthy meal, as clicked to click evasion in the form of social media.

Personally, learning how to take care of myself in a gradual and friendly way allows me the opportunity to reflect and be more attentive, and in practice just being a little better to myself, which sometimes also means enjoying a cocktail with a child - girls and don't feel guilty about it, and definitely eat some last cake!

In yoga, we say our practices are lifelong, we practice to improve our quality of life, but not to perfection. We practice our body and our mind, not our ego.

And I really hope that everyone in my heart continues to educate themselves on the vast knowledge of nutrition & well-being, which is everywhere now.

We are also very blessed to live on an island full of wise, good, knowledgeable and knowledgeable teachers to guide us along our path, which may bring us a little more open to what is the current trend, to make sustainable, positive change and balanced for life.

And as a wise teacher once taught me, happiness is free, and freedom is free choice.


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