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Law Of Attraction - Can I Really Eat What I Want And Stay Healthy?

Since Law Of Attraction has become popular all over the world, many people wonder if they can eat what they want and stay healthy and lose weight.

The answer is of course, yes - but there are aspects that people often don't realize.

On the one hand, it is possible if you understand that whatever belief you hold in your subconscious mind must come true.

If you are convinced that eating a snack is good for you - or at least does not cause you harm - then you can eat whatever you want without negative side effects.

Unfortunately, we all have pre-programmed beliefs in our minds about foods that will not justify this reality. As children, we all hear the truth about sugar that rots our teeth, snacks will make you fat, and eating unhealthy foods will make you lazy.

It does not matter if you do not believe these statements to the extent that you are aware that you have this belief programmed into reality. Your subconscious mind overcomes the belief or conscious mind you have and will direct your body to respond to the reality it believes.

You need to completely change your subconscious mind to have a new belief around food before you can eat what you want without any side effects.

Many people will think that once you have done your work to apply the Law of Attraction correctly into your life, you can get whatever you want.

And this is true.

Unless the Law Of Attraction responds to your inner vibrations - vibrations based on your beliefs.

The 3 keys to making the Law of Attraction work are to deliberately change your mind, change your beliefs, and increase your energy.

Once you do these 3 things consistently, you can get the results you want - on purpose.

But there is one small aspect that people are not aware of.

The Universe is a lot, and just wants the best for you.

So you can do the work to make the Law of Attraction work - change your mind, your beliefs, and boost your energy - and you will suddenly find that you don't want to eat whatever you want.

You will find that you crave healthy foods, you will find that you feel more active, you will find that your craving for sugar is decreasing.

This is because once you become in line with the Universe you open a channel to enable goodness and abundance in your life. By default, your body starts craving and responding to things that compliment the channel, and starts to reject things that don't.

So at the end of the day, you will eat whatever you want - except for now what you want for a nutritious meal.


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