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The Realities of Weight

We've been there. We heard when they showed how they lost 20 pounds of fat in 2 weeks! Marketing companies, acquaintances and friends are claiming how they can lose 40, 50, even 60 pounds in a very short amount! How is this possible? Well ... Sorry to say, there is a small print. You might come across something like "unusual results". Yes ... Most of the time this decision is unrealistic or even true. Let fat cut off fat (no purpose) and gain an understanding of weight.

When it comes to fitness, patience is the most important condition. Requiring the right expectation is absolutely necessary. Exercise and proper diet must be maintained for the long term to see the results you want. So we don't have to be too excited. It is important that we educate ourselves, or consult with others, so that we can take care of our bodies and know what to expect from them.

When it comes to fad diets or weight loss programs, some are fine, others are great, but in the worst case scenario (which happens too often) when someone is working on their idea of ​​a low calorie detox diet, I I'll say just give it a few weeks. Anyone who talks about it may be quieter after a time. In the next article, the "reality" series, I want to address some of the key issues directly.

Impact of weight scale and BMI (body mass index): They like eating steak with a spoon. Maybe it kind of works, but something's not right here ...

Weight Loss Reality: Water weight can seriously stimulate our ideas and expectations of weight loss and weight loss.

Impact of muscle loss: When undergoing such a low calorie diet, large amounts of lean muscle tissue are lost. Many believe they are in a better position to lose weight than they really are.

Fat loss: Some of the fat loss is about 2 pounds per week. If you have a great diet and good exercise habits this is healthy for many overweight people. Let's dive into the details.

The reality of muscle gain / dyeing: There are lots of tips and ways to bully and build muscle that may not help you! Be careful. Fat does not always disappear.

Fitness marketing reality: There may be some dirty tricks out there that you never thought about!

What to think about fitness / eating: Remove or lose. Habits take time to develop. Wrong thinking can be a problem.

Incorrect fitness program: In most cases, fitness programs may be better than none, but in some cases they may be wrong!

Benefits of gaining your fitness rights: There are many benefits to being a good fitness program. Exercise is actually medicine and nutrition is life.

Having a great fitness program can be one of the hardest things, but it can also be very rewarding for yourself, for your family and for your community. Fitness is more than looking great. It's about living longer, healthier, happier, more inspiring, and more fulfilling lives!


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