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A Fad Diet - Fad Or Fabulous?

To put it simply, the fad diet just doesn't work. They aim to take advantage of good people, promising them no diet that they can hope to survive. In many ways, the fad diet is like a politician on the campaign trail. They'll promise you a month, and when you vote for them, they forget everything. Fad diets do the same. They promise that you'll look like a Greek god when you finish, but once you buy the book, there is no doubt about you or your progress.

Fad diets are the wrong way to go when you want to lose weight. All too often, they take shady science, disseminate it as fact, pay a few physicians to associate their products, and before you know it everyone compliments the new diet.

These foods may work briefly, and for a small portion of the population, but in many cases, including the Atkins diet, this can be detrimental to your health.

If you are wondering whether the diet you are considering taking is a fad diet, you just need to look at the words in front of it. If the slogan is 'A revolutionary new diet', then you have a fad diet.

There is no revolution in healthy eating, with a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and other essential food groups, while exercising regularly. This is the only diet anyone should think about. It's been used for centuries, it keeps your body in balance, and it doesn't make you any more money than you spend in grocery stores, and running shoes.

Forget about their diets and their empty promises. They are after your money and they will tell you everything to get it. Go to your supermarket, buy some fruits and vegetables, slap some soy and lean beef, forget about processed and fried foods, and start living healthier today.

Don't care what they say. You can be healthy without removing all the starch from your diet and adding high in carbohydrates. There is no miracle drink, diet or diet that will cause you to lose all your weight.

Everyone is looking for a quick solution, but the truth is that losing weight and being healthy is hard work, but it is worth it.

When you want to be healthy and lose weight, there are only two things you need to do; healthy eating and exercise. You don't have to follow a diet by pseudo-dietitians, you don't have to believe any of the hundreds of books that come out with new diets, and you don't have to waste money on specialized products that don't work.

If you eat healthy and exercise, you will feel better, have more energy and will be able to think more clearly.

That is the only functional fad diet in the world and it is not a fad diet.


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