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Karate Girls Feet Were Deadly Weapons To Fat Man

He looks harmless. 3 feet 6, maybe 3 feet 8.

Maybe 70 pounds. I think he might have been 4, maybe
5 years.

How can you be afraid of small children? Looks fine
cheat, can they?

I'm an adult man. A fat guy. I'm working too hard on it
ninety climbed the corporate ladder, and I let go
Your waist is far from me. Now I pay the price
too much chocolate cake, 2 martini lunches and Must-See-TV.
I jerked and distributed me from the couch to the city center
an empty building threw down a ninja factory.

I was standing in a frozen dojo, dressed in white
the pajamas they call "gi", with white belt wrapped around them
around my waist. A group of minors
8 stands near me.

A clumsy young man stands before us. We
Call him "Teacher". He gave us directions, and we groaned.
And kick. And punch. And bow. I hate him. She's skinny.
Not me. I'm worried for air.

I was in my first karate class. They attached me to the children
class. I don't think it's funny. The sad part is me
one of the worst groups. The 5-year-old girl continues
want to persuade me. This little karate girl's legs and
The hand is a size 3 chocolate bar Musketeers. Dan
but I'm sure he can kick my ass.

Why oh why don't I take care of myself when I get the chance?
I hate doing pushups!

Note to self: everything from now on in simplicity. No more
eating crazy, no longer letting myself go. I wish I could
What a scary example this kid can't do!


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