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The Best Exercises For Love Handles - You Might Be Surprised!

Everyone knows if you want to lose your stubborn love, the best way to do this is with crunches and abdominal exercises. Right?

What if I tell you that everything you know is wrong?

In fact, some of the best exercises for controlling love are actually cardiovascular. Regular cardio exercises are very effective - in fact, they are one of your best allies. Controlling love is fat, pure and simple. Your body stores excess fat around your waist and hips, and the only way to lose fat for good is to burn it through diet and exercise.

So without further ado - the three best practices for controlling love.

Climbing stairs is a major cardio exercise. It gets your heart rate up, works your leg muscles, and helps burn calories at incredible levels. Many people use stair climbing machines at the gym, but similar exercises can be done on stair flights, if you don't worry about your neighbors thinking you are weird.

Running or jogging is also a great fat burner, although it scares many people just because of their physical involvement. Because cardio training must maintain your heart rate for a good time, run perfectly; it instantly picks up your pulse rate, keeps it there as long as you keep moving, and it streams your adrenaline like no other exercise. The endorphine rush from running or jogging has been high in medicine, and the ability to burn fat is practically unmatched.

Whichever way you go, if you want to get rid of the grip of love, you need to exercise and eat properly. Only proven combinations can help you lose weight.


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