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Weight Loss & The Modern Day Sitting Death Sentence!

What's your situation? Current statistics show that most Americans now spend more than 58 hours a week sitting. Seating position? Yes by working at a computer, driving a car or truck, or just watching TV. Over time women are more at risk than men, as they play less sports and work in less-active jobs.

Yes, sitting down is killing us little by little! How does sitting long kill us? We have seen an increase in weight gain, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Your sitting area is very unhealthy and damages us in need of normal physical training. that he was given birth to a new field of medical research called inactive physiology, which examined People undergoing the effects of sitting inactive. The new epidemic is called "sitting sick."

We were created with a body designed to move. Our creator aims to be active for our body. All the wonderful technology facilities today have not proved to be our friends. The Internet and many other electronic devices and devices destroy our physical activity and kill us.

Your body starts to shut down as you sit for long periods of time. When your leg muscles are not moving, your circulation slows down and you burn less calories. Fat burning enzymes start to shift so you will lose the benefits those enzymes need. In addition, the lower you move the less blood sugar you use, the more likely you are to have diabetes.

Your risk of heart disease continues to increase as the enzymes that protect against blood fat become inactive. Here are some other factors that can make you depressed because the hormone imbalance moves into your brain.

All day long you ruin your spinal cord health. While sitting all day, your hip flexors and hamstrings shorten and tighten. Your muscles supporting your spine become weak. There was a sudden increase in chronic back pain among women and men in the 1990s.

And even if you exercise, you are not completely immune. As a country we are consciously operating 30 minutes a day may not be enough to correct the harmful effects of extended seating. We see women who are struggling with their weight, blood sugar, and cholesterol problems regardless of their exercise routine.

One study has shown that those who take more rest than sitting all day have a slim waist. Their BMI is lower and they have lower levels of blood fat and blood sugar than those who sit around all day. So the conclusion is that the longer you spend sitting each day, the more weight you gain, and the more likely you are to die at the beginning of death - no matter how well you fit in.

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John Schmidt


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