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The 3 Biggest Lies of Building Muscle Mass Fast

I decided to publish this article in response to the 3 major mistakes I see most people make when they try to build muscle fast. Before I get into the specifics, it is important to realize that, due to the nature of the article writing, these are just three of the main points I find here.

There are more mistruths and bad advice flying around the community of Amateur bodybuilders. Check out my website for the full lowdown. (Link at bottom of article Thank you)

So, for those of you who have been purely focused on building muscle but seeing the results s-l-o-w-l-y then this is for you!

The 3 Big Lies Of Mass Building Revealed

Eat Too Much Protein

No, that's not wrong!

Just as it is important to take enough Protein to supply the body with the essential components needed to build muscle. Too many good things will sabotage your decision.

I rarely meet aspiring bodybuilders who fail to eat enough Protein, but I talk to almost everyday people who are definitely overweight.

When I ask them why they eat so much, the most common answer is 'The Body will get rid of what they don't use.'

My answer to that statement is 'Yes, so far, but when building Mass, a large amount of Protein not used for muscle building will be stored as Fat.'

You Need to Eat 1.5g of protein per pound of Bodyweight

Don't fall into the mentality of 'better' like 90% of the unknown mass.

Fat Not Your Mortal Enemy

Fat BAD is.

See, the bottom line is 'You Do Need Fat'.

You just have to be careful to eat the right type of RIGHT that will benefit you.

Unsaturated Fat and Irregular Poly are actually good for you, playing an important role in maintaining healthy brain, eyes and lungs function among other things.

Hard cleaners and younger bodybuilders need a significant amount of calories to provide the body with the extra fuel needed to build muscle. Most people underestimate the amount of calories they need to do this. It varies from person to person, but the free fat diet actually slows down your profits.

Just make sure that the Fat you eat is healthy and you will be amazed at the progress of your overall mass building.

The Misunderstanding That Builds Masses Means To Walk

In the very existence of a utopia, the Mass building cycle will be a free ticket to enlighten ourselves on all kinds of delicious food day and night.

Back to reality - and the obvious truth is that this is not an option for a serious bodybuilder.

I mentioned earlier the importance of eating more calories than normal to allow muscle growth. The real trick is to eat big, but to eat good quality food in many small portions throughout the day.

While some Fat benefits are acceptable, it is inevitable during Mass Building, you should regularly monitor your Fat and Visceral (internal) levels.

What I recommend is to get Tanita tested every 3-4 weeks to ensure significant points in your muscle density and overall Fat levels.

Most Gyms and many other Pharmacies can do this for you at a nominal fee.


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