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A Lesbian Infatuation - Or Is It Love?

Therapist: "What brings you today?"

Lesbian Pain (LSL): "I can't take it anymore ... I really like her but she plays with my heart ..."

Therapist: "Tell me more about this Love."

LSL: "It has been going on for years and I don't know how to solve it ... I don't know if this is love or obsession ... or am I just crazy?"

Therapist: "Maybe everything above ... is mixed with a little Infatuation."

LSL: "Help me, can you help me overcome him?"

Funny? It wasn't intended. Every day I get at least one email from a woman who shares this exact thought process. He told me in detail about a woman sometimes more than one who could not be released and had endured for months if not years. It is unimaginable the time and energy we put into our "unforgettable love". UNIMAGINABLE, not just in feelings and emotions but sometimes at the expense of relationships and other financial goals.

You might be able to define it as crazy on some narcotics, and you won't be too far from the truth. However, like drugs, we will let it eat us until we reach a very large limit ... so without any doubt we can truly believe there is no hope for that woman. Sometimes the path is endless as a hope is always fulfilled, so how can we overcome this toxic relationship?

Infatuation is very different to love and prove itself as a feeling that may not be confused with committed and loving love. When we admire ourselves, we are filled with feelingsuncertainty and anxiety, lust is in full thrall, and joy overcomes us, we are impatient and easily ignited into jealousy.

When we are addicted, we are almost overwhelmed with love and have the same reaction. None of us can say that we are happy to be in that zone because we are full of doubts and distrust for our "toxic love". We can be so miserable that misery takes over and interferes with other areas of life: work, family, and friends. Often we are dominated by sexual pleasure and the need to scream will be met.

Why are we going crazy? Because when you meet a woman you are interested in too, you have an energy surge that occurs in your brain stimulating the parts responsible for feeling euphoria and forming attachments. However, this is as good as it can be, as our triggers become tolerant of this energy and start chasing new heights! Some of us jump from one relationship to another. Other people make dramas (Lesbian Drama Mamas) and sabotage themselves to build a new highest (Psychodykos), or unleash more injuries and distrust than before (Les Runners), only to fall into the same hole later. See any words you can recognize?

How can we avoid this vicious circle of toxic love? Simply put, you need to ride the river to romantic love. In other words, you need to change the way you say it. We are so excited that we get caught up in moments or years. We forget to feel those feelings and allow them to move through us. Instead, we hold on to our feelings and become frustrated in the end.

Love Diet Ill

  1. Take the time to get to know someone and trust them.

  2. Enjoy this moment for what "Moment in Time vs I Want this FOREVER."

  3. Always have a supportive environment and use it when in doubt or hurt.

  4. Look at yourself. Check out your love templates.

  5. Talk to the counselor about the issue of dependency and difficulty by releasing it.

  6. Most importantly know your values ​​and believe that it's worth sharing with the right people at the right time and that your "Infatuation" may not be so (and that's totally fine.)

Alex Karydi ~ The Lesbian Teacher


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