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The Blood Gas Theory and Weight Loss

In this article Matt Monarch shares his path to becoming a vegan and blood gas theory as it relates to weight loss. Matt Monarch is a raw vegan and author of Raw Success.

Kevin: So, let's go to the guest today. Matt Monarch is 100 percent raw vegan. The diet consists of only raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and seaweeds. He's been eating this way for eight years now. And I believe it's been 100 percent for eight years. Matt you go cold chicken, okay?

Matt: Cold turkey, overnight.

Kevin: And she enjoys incredible health, abundant energy, clarity of mind and deep connection to nature. And you can tell by the picture. Prior to raw Matt worked in the corporate environment demanding and consuming the American Standard Bachelor Diet, which I thought might be worse than the American Standard Diet, including cooked meat, dairy, bread, oily foods, candy. And despite all this, he went raw, his overall health was good. Aside from some acne she is in good condition. But Matt didn't have any major health problems. She just embraced her whole-hearted raw food lifestyle. Something made him complete with it. He was fascinated by the fact that this lifestyle offered increased longevity and freedom from degenerative diseases. So Matt Monarch, I'd like to welcome you to the show.

Matt: Thank you very much.

Kevin: All right. For those of you who don't know who you are, let's bring a small clip to your experience over the last eight years, where you came from and where you are now. And then we'll get into everyone's questions here.

Matt: Okay, that sounds great. Before I went 100 percent raw, I seriously had no spiritual path. I didn't know that the spiritual path was a choice. I didn't know it was possible. I am the president of my fraternity, like the number one fraternity at Cal State University in Northridge. And what happened was, I was educated about 100 percent raw food diet. I didn't know it was a possibility. I think I'm a bit healthy. And when I go 100 percent raw, it just throws me into a spiritual lifestyle. I can't explain exactly when it happened because it was so deep. Many of you might read my book RAW SPIRIT in which I say my third eye was opened after the massive Psyllium Bentonite cleansing and became 100 percent raw for six months. But what happened was that it automatically threw me into a spiritual, spiritual path. I became fascinated by the fact that I began to receive great films like Universal, the cosmic energy in this body. It is only automatically transmitted. And I didn't do anything. I'm not meditating. It just happens automatically. And what happened was that I started, it was very deep for me, so I started to read different books on meditation, things like that, and I've just grown up since. So from that point on, he actually changed his life. It's amazing.

Kevin: Well, he looks like a good guy. Let's talk a little bit about your latest book as you have some questions about it, RAW SUCCESS's latest book. The main question, what you are talking about in this book is the theory of blood gas. So one question is, "How does the theory of blood gas affect weight and weight loss?" Therefore, to solve this problem, you need to discuss blood gas theory and then move on to the question. So why don't you go ahead and explain a bit.

Matt: Okay. It's pretty deep here.

Kevin: Yeah.

Matt: The theory of blood gas, well, let's do it. When we eat food, through the process of natural digestion, fermentation occurs. It's just a natural digestive process. Depending on the type and quantity of food you eat, will determine the amount of fermentation produced. Therefore, if you eat hamburgers and baked goods, a large amount of fermentation will produce a lot of gas. When you eat one pound of wine, which is the sum total of other aspects, very little fermentation is produced and you won't get much gas. So the theory of blood gas is, let me explain a concept known as rapid diffusion of gas.

Kevin: Okay.

Matt: It's a very simple and basic principle. As soon as I say that everyone will understand what it is. When you take gas in a highly concentrated form, like you have all the high concentrations of molecular gas, like say in a balloon, and then you jump on the balloon, what happens is the space is now where gas can disappear and become a balance where all molecules just about. Thus, enough gas molecules only reach equilibrium, by going, they only achieve equilibrium, quite a lot. By lowering the molecule all the way around the area. Therefore, when we eat the American Standard Diet, all of this fermentative gas is produced from the foods we eat. And from all these years and years of poor nutrition we continue to put all the gas in our system. And what happens is that our cells actually take this gas and they actually start to grow in it. And they get bigger and bigger and bigger as the years go by. When you start eating a 100 percent raw food diet, okay, one more thing, let me go back to. It's confusing. The reason why cells grow larger through the process of gas diffusion is because there is a lot of pressure on these cells, there is a lot of gas from the bloodstream, which is actually growing and they are expanding because there is so much gas pressure. So when you start eating 100 percent of your raw food diet, you put less gas in the system. So what happens is that through the same gas diffusion process, those cells can actually bind and release this gas into the system. And this is detoxification.

Kevin: Okay.

Matt: I hope that makes sense to everyone.

Kevin: It makes sense to me.

Matt: Okay good.

Kevin: I understand. Because your body eats foods that cause gas, what it does is gas circulate through your body. Therefore, it is on an airplane, almost all over your body. And when you're eating more raw food, or even 100 percent raw food, those gases are released.

Matt: Yes, they escape from the cells. Because the gas diffusion process has lower pressures on the cells, they can now actually bind and dispose of the waste. And there is actually a direct connection to how long a person has been 100 percent raw and how sensitive they are to their environment and the choice of food they eat.

For example, if you're a raw food eater, I think, if you eat a hamburger now, I mean I've been doing this for eight years, I might end up in the hospital, while most Outside people can eat two hamburgers and be fine. And my mentor Dr Fred Bisci who has been on the raw food diet for forty years, he has been detoxing for forty years, only doing the raw food diet, so his cells have become more tight and tight giving these gases, and they are very small that what could happen was that he actually, if he had the same amount of hamburger I ate, literally, I didn't think he would make it.

And tell me why this is with the theory of blood gas. Just for visual purposes, we would say someone at the Standard American Diet eats fast food, we would say that their cells are the size of a yoga ball. And since I have been on a raw food diet for eight years, my cells have contracted and shrunk to as big as football, while Fred is the size of baseball. Now fermented gas made from hamburgers or baked goods will fit right inside the yoga ball. I mean the body is made up of trillions and trillions of cells. The gas goes through the body and all the cells will absorb these new gases, but my cells are football-sized, they are smaller so there is not enough space in the cell for where it can actually shock my system, I can go to the hospital. And Fred, there's really no room and he probably won't.

Kevin: Gotcha. So, this can actually be dangerous to some degree, if that's what you call it. Yeah?

Matt: Yeah, yeah, I'm just putting this in less public terms. I always talk about this stuff more than what you eat. The more you leave your diet, the more you will clean it. For example, if anyone runs fast, you will eliminate everything from your diet except water. And you will clean, you will be eliminated, you need to close your eyes because you are only healing. Right now, a 100 percent diet of raw food is in my mind as fast as a lifetime, because you eliminate everything from your diet except water-rich, raw foods, and of course nuts and seeds. And what happens is that many people go on a raw food diet and they go through a lot of cleansing, they don't understand what's going on, and that's something that's going on and needs to be taken care of. So what happens is, I mean there are a lot of factors involved but one of the factors is that you clean up at the cellular level, and of course there is a huge amount of cleaning time in the beginning that is going to be more crazy than all of them, but it will be a situation that for the rest of our lives.


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