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Product Promotion Questions You Should Ask

Even if you try to get into online marketing, you will encounter some questions that you may want to answer. If you can't think of any questions to ask, here are some things I thought about before I started marketing online to help me make money online.

The first question you may want to consider when looking at various online marketing programs is the type of product available to promote. Now I have learned from the experience that some of the best products to promote can be found on our online affiliate website. Most of them are related to digital products, but if you want to promote a product that the person owns or should bring you may be looking for sites that have them. A good example is that I'm looking for programs that promote diet and find some diet books and dietary supplements. Now some people like to eat a diet that is made for them, but others prefer to have pills to take that will help them burn extra fat.

The second question I consider for any program is how much they pay for affiliate. Some programs will only pay you a small commission compared to others with the same product that will pay you almost seventy or eighty percent of the purchase price. Now you better have to promote one that will pay you a small amount or one that will pay you a large sum. Now to determine better, you need to look at the price of the product and decide who will make you more money. For example, if you have a product that pays a commission of ten percent, but it sells for a thousand dollars you make one hundred dollars. However if you compare it to products that sell for fifty dollars and pay you an eighty percent commission you will only make forty dollars. So you need to consider it as well.

The third question I always ask when considering whether I want to market to the company is how much they pay. Some companies have a minimum payment threshold or require you to have a certain amount of sales before you are paid. Some of these programs are really good and have a lot of products for you to promote so you can get the minimum payment fast. However, you must consider how they pay you. Some programs will send you checks, while other programs will only pay into your PayPal account.

These are three key questions I always ask about marketing programs before I promote their products. Hopefully these three questions will help you determine if the product will be in your best interest to promote. While you can consider these questions, you may find some additional questions about yourself.


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