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Shamelessly Fat? Golden Quick Weight-Loss Diets Uncovered Just For You

Are you tired of hearing that you're fat? You can't wear your favorite black dress because your belly is more prominent. Your friends laugh at you when they see you running. Why are you all this? Just search the internet and follow a fast weight loss diet. Do you think what I'm saying is true? I do not think so. You can't just follow a diet plan.

First check your weight and height. If you are a woman then your diet chart will be different from a man's diet chart. Each person needs a certain amount of calories. So you can't start starving yourself! Go one step by step through the process. Calculate your BMR or basal metabolic rate with the help of formulas provided on the internet. Percentage is multiplied by the type of work you do. Then, based on your BMR, you will be able to find out how many calories you need in a day.

Now we can talk about fast weight loss diet. You can start with a cup of coffee. At breakfast you can have a slice of bread with a bit of peanut butter on it. After an hour or two you will feel hungry. Munch on apples to satisfy yourself. At lunchtime, you can have about three ounces of chicken. You can dance to a thousand island salads or other salads. You can have a small cup of rice or half a cup of crouton. That night's snacks will again consist of apples. At dinner, you can have pasta coated with several pieces of chicken. The salad is edible but should be less than the sum. This diet plan will give your body about 1300 calories.

Have you heard of a detox diet plan? They are a bit difficult to follow but they give great results. This fast weight diet helps you to lose your inches faster. They include the use of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can start your day by eating a combination of fruits. It can be apples, watermelons, oranges or other fruits. Don't eat half-heartedly. You don't have to be hungry after your breakfast. At lunch you can have wine, mango, banana etc.

You need to add salads, celery and apricots for your lunch too. Eat raisins and dried figs too. In the evening, a glass of carrot juice is enough for you. At your dinner, you can prepare a nice rainbow salad for you. You need to add tomatoes, carrots, cabbages, beets, cucumbers and a good amount of nuts and seeds. Peas cannot be marinated. This will keep your calorie requirements low and easily lose weight.

Now, what foods do you need to avoid? If you read magazines and newspapers then you should be aware of this. Never indulge in pastries, pies or sweets. Always choose low fat foods. Reduce your sugar intake. Try eating 4-6 times a day so you don't eat too much food in one meal.


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