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Natural Remedies for Glandular Fever

Gland fever is caused by an infection with Epstein-Barr virus - a herpes virus infection. Infections often occur in adolescents and young adults (although this is not always the case as seen from the second case study below). Symptoms of gland fever include sore throat, headache, swollen glands and fatigue. This condition is often preceded by stress levels. Symptoms can last for months and can last for several years. A number of abnormalities, including food allergy, changes in the immune system and cell metabolism, and viral persistence have been shown to occur following the infection. Some people get fired as neurotic or malingerers - but they are often very sick.

What you can do to help Treatment for glandular fever should be directed to improve the state of nervous fatigue and to improve the lymphatic congestion most often associated with the condition. This means that:

  • Vitamin C, a group of B vitamins and zinc to boost immunity and energy levels. It is available as part of a good multivitamin and mineral supplement.

  • Potassium phosphate to help the nervous system.

  • Herbs to help cleanse the liver and lymph systems. These include: burdock, dandelion, red clover, violet leaves and centaury.

  • Nervous system herbs such as lemon (linden) and hop.

  • It is important to eat a diet that will support the immune system by cleansing the colon and the whole body.

Glandular fever herbal mixture Herbal mixtures that can help with the transmission of intransigenic viruses such as glandular fever - although the problem turns out to be low, weakening weakness, is as follows.

  • 2 parts echinacea

  • 2 parts root

  • 2 parts of indigo wild

  • 2 parts wormwood

  • 1 part myrrh

Mix the herbs and use 2 tablespoons of the herbs in a cup and pour boiling water. Allow this to stand for 10-15 minutes. Serve the tea when it has cooled. The mixture should be taken three times a day. If you don't like the unpleasant taste, you can close it by using alcohol.

Case Study: Glandular Fever Ian, a 22-year-old, has been diagnosed with acute glandular fever. He had been working for five weeks and had liver and spleen enlargement as a related problem.

Ian's treatment consists of:

  • multivitamins and common minerals with additives: zinc, vitamin C and vitamin B complex.

  • Intestinal cleansing, in particular, involves changes in nutritional support and digestion.

  • Lemon cleansing and herbal toning herbs: burdock, purple leaves, dandelion root and leaves, hops, lime, centaury and wahoo.

Because Ian is an acute case of some herbs it is given more often that it is used three times a day. Ian was seen after two weeks instead of the usual four. At that time he was generally better and the treatment outlined above continued. On his next visit he reported that all symptoms had improved.

Case Study: The Fatigue of Viral Infections Neil is a 57-year-old car dealer who has been suffering from severe gland fever 18 months ago. Since then, she has been abused by fatigue and swelling in her glands in her neck. She also suffered from weight loss, depression, loss of headache and headache. Investigations show that her zinc levels in her blood were normal but at very low levels in her sweat (107 parts per billion - normal range 360 ​​- 680 parts per billion).

The treatment consists of the following:

  • Addition of zinc and multivitamins and minerals.

  • Colon cleansing and changes in his diet include more fresh fruits and vegetables and a reduction in milk production and refining.

  • Herbs for the liver and lymph systems: dandelion, milk thistle, burdock, echinacea and centaury.

Within a week the taste returned and he was tired. Over the next three months he continued to improve with his energy levels nearly back to normal and his enlarged gland back to normal size. Zinc, iron and vitamin B6 deficiency is quite common and is a major cause of poor resistance or poor recovery from infection. Sometimes zinc deficiency can be present even when blood levels of zinc are normal and trials of zinc supplementation along with multivitamins and healthy mineral and dietary supplements and bowel cleansing are also worth it.

Glandular fever is a disease that can be recognized by its debilitating effects. It can be treated with a natural approach that cleans the colon, improves diet, digestive system, nerves and lymph.


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