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Why Is Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle The # 1 Best Selling E-Book On The Internet?

It's thousands of women and men of every age who burn BODY FAT - not muscle or weight - and they do it naturally, without supplements, pills or "magic ingredients," using only the proven, scientific advice and accuracy of mind within this amazing diet and fitness guide.

Tom Venuto, a respected fat loss expert, natural bodybuilder, and personal trainer, has yet to release another "diet program" into the already overcrowded market. Tom's here. Burn's Fat can best be described as the "Fat Loss Bible". It is simply one of the most complete, detailed, and accurate guidelines for fat loss you've ever read. What makes it so different from other weight loss publications in the market?

First of all, it's not a "weight loss" program, it's a fat loss program. This may seem like semantics or wordplay at first, but once you've read just the first three chapters, there is no doubt in your mind that the pursuit of "weight loss" is not just a wrong goal, it may be the reason that you have failed to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. Burn The Fat shows you how much fat you need to lose, not "weight" (which includes muscle, water and lean tissue) and then shows you exactly how to do it.

Second, what makes Burn The Fat different is the amount of attention paid to each element of successful, healthy, permanent fat loss. Burn The Fat not only dispels the lies, myths and ignorance that surround the most confusing subject, it's just the most detailed book on fat loss ever written. By reading Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (or better yet, "reviewing"), you will learn more about losing fat than you could from a nutritional class semester or across the shelves to maintain a diet publication in your bookstore.

You may be wondering, "Is this a low carb diet? High protein diet? High fat diet? What kind of program IS ???" The truth is that Burn the Fat is not a high protein diet, or a low carb diet. That's because with the information in this book, you can easily determine your own ideal protein, carbohydrate and fat ratio. You will be able to analyze your body type (are you an endomorph, ectomorph, or mesomorph?), You will determine your BMR (basal metabolic rate, or the amount of "maintenance" of calories your body needs daily), and you will know if you are carbohydrate or carb intolerant.

This personal approach makes sense because each of us is a unique individual and no two people are exactly the same in terms of body physiology and personal goals.

One of the most powerful chapters in this book is the first one called, "How to Set Goals, Goal Setting Goals that Will Promote You and Fill You with Unstoppable Motivation." In this chapter, you will learn what may be the main secret to burning fat and getting in shape ... and it has nothing to do with diet, supplements or exercise programs.

If there is any downside to the Burn The Fat ebook, it contains so much information, that some readers may find it amusing. Those who are looking for the "extravagant" weight loss program, may be a little intimidated at first. However, most readers can feel confident and confident that it will get better as this will actually be the last book they need to buy on this subject.

Who will benefit from Burn the Fat?

In the broadest sense, anyone and everyone who needs to lose weight will benefit from Burn The Fat. Men, women, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and highly motivated individuals and avid readers will love this book. Although it was written by bodybuilders, this book is NOT just for bodybuilders.

You won't find the "30 lbs in 30 days" miracle at work here. It's all about healthy eating choices, planning, hard work and lifestyle changes. As Burn Burn author Tom Venuto says, ... "Fat burning is easy, but it's not easy."

In terms of graphic design, Burn the Fat is a clean, professionally formatted PDF e-book. It's a bit on the regular side, just text, but it makes it ideal for printing and reading in the comfort of your favorite chair. Due to its size, it requires a strong printer and a good stack of paper.

At first, some people think that Burn the Fat is worth the heck out of $ 39 because it might seem like a fair bit of money to download an ebook. However, after looking at the amount of information contained in the 340 pages of Burn The Fat, along with the bonus ebook and reports that came with it, they said it was not only $ 39 but several times that amount.

As with any publication of methods, you don't really pay for the materials used to compile the documents, but for the information that can be done for you, and obviously, this publication has changed many lives and hundreds of testimonies and Stories the success of the Burn The Fat website is proof of that (I suggest you check out the "testimonials" page on the Burn The Fat website as some before and after the transformation is just incredible - and inspiring).

Bottom line?

Anyone looking for a quick solution for fat loss, anyone who wants to tell a fairy tale, and anyone looking for "magic bullets" offered by people like body packs, fat burning pills, diet shakes, or "fat burning" creams and gels is best advised to prevents Burn the Fat.

On the contrary, those who are tired of "spinning their wheels" do not go anywhere, who want the truth about losing fat and are ready and willing to put in the hard work and discipline and make the lifestyle changes necessary to gain a fat-free body, find Burn The Fat to be one of the best investments ever made in their lives.


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