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How To Make And Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions This Year

It's already the 3rd week of January and most people who have set their New Year's resolutions forget about it or quit now. In fact, Forbes magazine cites a statistical study that shows that only 8% of Americans actually reach their New Year's Resolutions. And more than that, only about 45% of Americans tend to make New Year's resolutions consistently ... with 55% making it rare or not at all.

Guess how much more likely you are to reach your New Year's resolution if you explicitly make it and write it down ... 10 TIMES!


That is not ordinary success ... it is success.

So ... how can I make my New Year's resolution a success? Simple ... all it takes is 6 easy steps.

1) Search

Find out what you want.

You can do this by reflecting on your moments, achievements, and wishes this year ... appreciate what you've achieved and how you've contributed throughout the year and determine how much you want to build on your current achievements.

You can also do this by seeing what you feel is missing from your life. Is it a loving relationship? Is it financial security, financial freedom or financial freedom? Does it have a muscular body, and has optimal health, fitness and health? However, it is important to be honest and see it as it is the first ... then look at it better by making our New Year's resolutions ... and then we can go into the big action, success plan phase uber to bring about the results we want in our lives.

2) Make clear results

The New Year's resolutions from three of the top sources indicate that the majority of New Year's resolutions # 1 are to lose weight. No wonder that on New Year's day you usually see a lot of people running and biking outside. It's almost a ritual in America with races and marathons that you can sign up for that day.

Let one of your resolutions be to lose weight and get more fit. That's a great resolution to have because you want to improve your health (assuming you want to lose weight by practicing healthier habits). However, there is a big problem with focusing on weight loss ... nothing is meant.

Having a New Year's resolution to lose weight is unclear, so how will we know if we have reached our goal? Also, where the focus is on energy flow. If we focus on losing weight and we decide we want to lose 10 pounds and we take big steps to lose 10 pounds, we might lose 10 pounds ... but 10 pounds is really what we want? Or do we prefer to be in the best health and lifestyle? Or we would rather have an incredible quality of health and fitness, which we would love with a super energetic feeling, with healthy blood test results, finishing in the top 3% of the Spartan Beast race, having a blood PH & 39; It's consistent by 7.365, and has a ripped body.

Obviously the measurement I use is how I determine the quality of my health and fitness, and your specifications for that definition may vary. Regardless, if we focus on having exceptional health and fitness, we open ourselves up to more than 10 pounds. Maybe we will lose 10 pounds or more if we need to, whatever it takes to get our results.

Clarity is power and as we outline the decisions we want from our New Year's resolutions, we will unlock the power of our subconscious mind to draw our attention to anything that can help us achieve what we want. You can thank your reticular activation system for that.

3) Create some benchmarks

Benchmarks are important for several reasons:

- they give us an eye to celebrating our journey to our goal
- they give us the responsibility to check the progress we have made
- they help us break the big resolution into smaller steps
- they gave us a road map to reach our resolution
- they make us feel like we're growing, which makes us feel fulfilled

How can we set a progress benchmark? Let us use our new clear and concise resolution of exceptional health and fitness. Above, I list some measurements for the quality of health that can be defined for me. Working with measurements with that resolution for 2015 ... the benchmark of progress might look like:

By Jan 30:

- Receive comprehensive blood test results
- researching what the best blood test results look like knowing my goals
- rebound for 20 minutes + every day
- Drink grass juice and other vegetables daily
- The distillery is complete for the New Year
- gained confidence by the NSA (spinal network analysis) practitioners 2x a week
- sign up for the first Spartan race
- Play football games 2x a week
- Weight lifting / calisthenics training 3x a week

By April 30:

- Football play / training 4x a week
- join the Jiu Jitsu / MMA gym and train 3x per week (alternate between weightlifting and calisthenics)
- completes the 2nd distillation cleanup for the transition to the Spring season
- Drink grass juice + green juice 2x a day
- Attend David Wofle's Longevity Now conference
- attended the Transformational Gate seminar
- First Spartan Race in 10%
- sign up for the Spartan Beast race

By August 30:

- LabCorp's basic blood panel checks for good internal health
- get 20 minutes closer to full body exposure to daily sunlight (soak in vitamin D)
- competed in the Jiu Jitsu competition and placed 1st
- competed in the Spartan Beast Race and placed in the top 5%
- Combines 80% of plant-based raw foods
- signed up for the last Spartan Beast race of the year
- consistently implementing great health strategies learned from the Current Spirit and the Transformational Gate Seminar
- Complete detoxification cleaning 3 for summer transition

By December 30:

- competed in the Spartan Beast Race and placed in the top 3%
- Finish refreshing 4 for the winter transition
- final blood specimen decision to measure stage (if not met earlier)
- set a new goal for 2016

As they gather at the quarterly benchmarks they are a way of creating a benchmark of progress. You can line up monthly, even weekly if you want to track, measure and optimize your results on a smoother scale.

4) Select at least one accountability partner

When we share our New Year's resolutions with others, especially when they are motivated, motivated by their own goals, we increase our success rate.

The gifts we provide and our partners accountability provide that it creates an attractive and results-oriented environment where we can coach our friends and they can be one for us. Sometimes we don't know what we don't know, and accountability partners can be very helpful in that regard.

Another great breakthrough in shaping accountability is that we build momentum as we cheer each other on. It's always more fun to celebrate and share your triumphs with others. The Buddha even said,

"Thousands of candles can be lit from one candle, and the life of the candle will never be shortened. Happiness never decreases by sharing."

In the case of New Year's resolutions we have the resolution to have exceptional health and fitness qualities ... choosing to meet with a partner who is also passionate about optimal health and fitness will be an incredible step forward. Together, we can execute and share awesome strategies together ... attend seminars ... compete in races ... and we check in with each other every week to see how we do with our decisions, and celebrate victory along the way.

5) Know and align with your WHY factor

Your WHY factors include motivational and driving reasons why you want a specific decision.

Implementing the old metaphor of carrots and sticks, we can determine and use our compelling reasons (fulfillment - our long-term happiness) to keep us inspired and motivated to achieve our results ... while also integrating the causes that motivate us ( pain - short-term drive) to achieve the results we want. This is where our emotional juice comes from our fuel to take on the big acts of our lives.

Taking the same example of having incredible health and fitness qualities ... WHY factors can look like this:

Improvements (interesting reasons):

- More energy = more life
- Excellent health means I will live more energetically, energetically, and more
- I'll look and feel super sexy
- Give me the assurance of having a long and prosperous life
- I will inspire others to live healthier lives and grow stronger
- I will be on the right track to pursue my dream of playing professional football

Pain (rejection):

- I'm sick and tired of the energy
- I'm sick and tired of having belly fat
- I deserve the highest quality of health and fitness
- I can do more in my health and body and want to claim it now
- I've never had heart disease, cancer or diabetes

Once we have the motivation and the driving ... it's time to use that fuel to take high-quality ACTION.

6) Consistently take high quality action consistently

Action is where the results come from. Once we know what we want, why we want it, all we need to get where we want is to take the necessary action to get there.

Some tips for taking big actions:

- Love all the action possible
- Use chunking
- Brainstorm all the resources you may need to help
- Delegate what you can
- Share your day / week actions with your accountability partner

There we have it. 6 simple and powerful steps that give us the confidence to set and reach our New Year's resolutions.


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