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How to Get the Best Workout For Tightening the Buns Fast

Thousands of women are dissatisfied with the shape of their rear ends and spend hours and hours searching for a way or exercise to tighten the bread. I say, you don't have to go to fancy gyms and buy a ton of equipment to achieve that goal. You really don't. Now, trust me, I've been there and know exactly how you feel. In women, the problem area tends to be opposite to the problem of the male problem. Men tend to gain weight around abodomen, while women wrap around the back and thigh area. Even if you don't want to show the world at the public gym that you work on your back and thighs, there are other ways. Personally! And you'll get devastating results.

I have listed below some things that have helped me strengthen my back and keep it strong, making me look younger and more in shape than I was in my early 20s. And anyone can do it.

1. Lunges - Lunge forward with your left foot, then back to standing. Do the right thing, and repeat this in 3 sets of 12 lunges for each leg.

2. Walking - Take a quick 30-45 minute walk around the neighborhood, park, anywhere.

3. Ride Your Bike - Ride 30-45 minutes around your neighborhood, park, beach ... wherever you want.

4. Yoga - Yoga is great for the butt. With all the positioning, stretching, strengthening and isolation moves, they are sure to tone every part of the body. There are many home yoga homes that target buttocks.

5. Back foot - Stand behind the chair and lift your feet back, pointing at your feet (as if you were in ballet class). Repeat 20 times and then change foot. Do three sets three times this week.

There are plenty of exercises to tighten your butt that you can do right at home or around your neighborhood, while on the road, anywhere. And easy training! It may be challenging for the body, which is what you need to do to get results. If you don't challenge yourself, it's impossible to change it, right? That's right!

There are many exercise DVDs that I recommend that really target and tighten the bread.

- At-Home Workout DVDs that I recommend to tighten and sculpt your butt:

- Kim Kardashian's Fit To Your Jeans With Friday's series

- Your Own Magazine 'Your Best DVD Fast Butt

- Yoga Denise Austin

Another tip on what to do is KEEP ACTIVE. If you change it and do not sit on your back all the time, you keep the blood flowing to the muscles and therefore it will be easier to be firm and tight.


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