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Eat Guts & Grease For Increased Strength & Vitality

I hate dieting. I hate people talking and teaching about diets more. If you don't know, I'm a bit upset and confused. For thousands of years we as a people have walked the earth in extraordinary health with its abundant nature and sharing. No diet, just eating.

Institutional Foods

Food, water and shelter were all provided by him ... all our needs were met. We are mature, intelligent and very important in our old age. A powerful example of this reality is the Hunzakut people in the Himalayas. This "lost nation" of people, when interviewed by Renee Taylor in 1906 found:

· Living 100 to 120 years in perfect physical condition and mental health ... no poor and worthless old man, as we find today.

· 100 year olds raise children and hold full-time jobs ... like transferring 700 lb. rocks that have fallen from the mountains out of the way.

· Nearly 80 women look younger, feel better and are more active than average western women 40! I'm moving there to retire! (4)

OK, I can hear you now ... "But Elliott, I am not a primitive man and we are not much better today because of medical advances".

My short answer is: Yes, you are a primal man. Today, our bodies are the exact expression of our ancestors more than 100,000 years ago (2). It is believed that it took about 100,000 years for the human genome to change 0.001 percent, so you and "Primal Man" are basically the same (3).

Dan: No, we're not better today with the medical advances we call. No antidote is found to be without the same or worse risk of taking it, than the disease itself. Just listen to the list of side effects listed when you watch an ad with a parent who urinated on themselves, as if washing a bed is a disease!

Eat Guts and Grease

For too long we have been told by "food dictocracts" and "unsaturated poly" to stay away from saturated fat, animal products and cholesterol. Today I set you free to revive your face with the "arterial blockage" diet that Native Americans eat before landing The White Man in Plymouth Rock with a bag of white flour and sugar. It's 'the people of the land' tough, very strong and strong ... and ate tons of Guts and Grease.

Dr. Weston A. Price has documented the most comprehensive study ever performed by primal people and their diet / lifestyle in their groundbreaking book Nutrition & Physical Fall (1)

Short history ... Price was a dentist in the late 1930s, and he began to realize that more and more patients had dental problems such as cavities and broken teeth ... didn't we all? And most of all, the young patient was born with what Dr. Price "face defect".

It's a 'facial flaw'. has become commonplace since the 1930s, including: the complexity of teeth, the complexity of facial features and, palpitations of the palms and jaws. Also, Dr. Priced is aware of an increased susceptibility to disease when it 'defects'. is here. (1)

Not only Dr. Price recognizes that the physical structure of men is declining, but he also states that the function of the mind and body is wasteful.

"Modern man has decreased in physical fitness has been emphasized by many leading sociologists and other scientists. The fact that progressive accelerated degeneration is a major cause of alarm, especially as this is despite the progress made in modern science throughout much of the investigation." (1)

So, like any sane, wealthy, doctor at the time ... he was looking for a "primitive" remote group through the world. Dr. Price wants to know what "Man" really meant to eat and how "Man" really meant to live.

On his journey not only Dr. Price found that "primitive people" were happier, healthier and more resistant to disease but they were as tough as nails ...

He once watched a group of "primitive kids" play in the water in the middle of winter when he and his college frosted their ass with a large winter garden!

Native Americans lived for thousands of years completely isolated from "The White Man". These people have adapted to their surroundings and have learned how to live with the land, not just on it.

The Indian of Canada and the Northern Territory

These people live in cold weather! It's seventy below at some point. This means they are definitely not farmers and if you tell them that you need to eat 7-12 grains a day (food pyramid) they will put hex on you!

They eat meat, meat and meat with some meat on the side. Each part of the animal was eaten. Most important are the animal organs they eat. These wise men know that it is in the organs that all the powerful nutrients reside ... not in lean meat. Even if the meat is not fat enough it is fed to dogs! (1)

Keep in mind that in the future, some dolls tell you to eat only lean meat and chicken breast.

There is no colon cancer observed among these people ... so out the window go Meat = Colon Cancer Theory.

This is a tough and smart guy.

"They live in a country where grizzly bears are common, their pelts are valuable and they capture many of them with bait traps. Their knowledge of the use of different organs and tissues from animals to provide protection against some sense of body we say that degenerative disease is shocking. "(1)

Their "Diet Fad" consists of:

· Wild animals from Chase - Bear, Moose, Deer, Caribou etc. These people are strong because the animals they eat are strong. Wild games that are a staple in Native American diet have been respected for their lifestyle and living off of organic soil before being sacrificed for human use. I was wondering where the chicken you ate for lunch?

· Animal organs - From Drill to Tooter! Native people know that the most nutritious portions of animal food are the organs. Even when killing is made, our wise ancestors will cut it off immediately and eat the adrenal, liver, pancreas and heart first. All other meats are either kept for later or given to dogs ... especially the hated lean meat.

· Vegetables - If they are in an animal's stomach. Why waste your precious time and energy looking for vegetables and cooking them when our friendly animals will do all the work for us. These animals are so good that they are willing to predict plant foods for us. The primal man knew that meat was more nutrient dense than cereals and vegetables, so he ate animals that shortened all plant nutrition into delicious little bites.

· Seafood - Fish, Fish and Seaweed. Today our oceans are so polluted that it is almost impossible to get your hands on some clean and tainted fish. So I don't recommend dinner for sushi every night. Fish oil is important and should be part of everyone's diet. Today, our best bet is to consume high quality Cod Liver Oil supplements.

This, like everyone who Dr. Price is so healthy that they connect with the "modern" people. It has been noted that medical care and surgery are almost unheard of among people living a traditional life but, rather, are widespread among those who adopt the "White Man's Way".

For you to regain your Primal Edge, and avoid illness and surgery, learn from these people ... Eat Real Food. I don't care if your favorite athlete tells you that it'll make you run faster, get bigger or hydrate you better than water, if it wasn't here 10,000 years ago - don't eat it. Powder and medicines for p * ssies, eat like a man!


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