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Diet - The Secret That Could Determine the Sex of Your Baby

The idea of ​​following a diet to understand certain types of gender occurred in the 1940s. A study involving the relationship between breeding and the environment in worms was conducted in Germany. This forms the main idea of ​​the study conducted by Dr Stolkowski and Dr. Lorrain in the early 1980s, for the selection of the gender of the unborn child. In 1982 Proctor and Langendoen published "The Pre-Concept Diet Diet".

The theory behind the gender selection diet is that by consuming, or not eating, certain classes of foods, changes can be induced in the reproductive tract. These changes can then lead to greater opportunities to conceive children of a certain gender. This theory also supports certain Eastern philosophies, which say that everything is decided according to the balance between yin and yang. Foods related to boys, alkalis and diets used to contain boys, are all. For acids, girls and diets for girls, the foods involved are yin.

This study suggests that both parents follow a gender selection diet. Men's diet is rich in potassium and sodium, but lacks magnesium and calcium. Girls' diets contain a lot of magnesium and calcium but don't have enough sodium and potassium. The diet should be followed for three months before pregnancy. However, due to certain imbalances in the diet, it cannot be followed without consulting a medical practitioner, and then for a very long time. This diet should affect the obstruction surrounding the ovum in such a way that only one of the two types of sperm is allowed to enter, depending on the type of diet.

The gender selection diet [] has some positive and negative points. In addition, they do not spend any money and do not require expensive medical procedures. This process can be easily done within the privacy of one's home and is one of the most reliable methods of gender selection. However, the nutritional value of diet is questionable and many men and women may not be able to hold it for too long. Also, as with all of these methods, you may be on a diet and still have children of the opposite sex.

Diets recommended for boys include carbonated drinks, meat, fish, ham, bacon, sausage, jam, soup, honey, fresh fruit, pastries, fresh vegetables, white bread, fruit bread, pasta, potatoes, salted beans, chips and rice.

For girls, it is recommended that you follow a diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, non-salty foods, salt and butter, ice cream, eggs, rice, pasta and fresh fruit juices.


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