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Baby Gender Prediction - Right Or Wrong?

Predicting the sex of a baby can be complicated but overall it's probably about 50/50 for having a boy or girl so he is guessing who. Scientifically, the female egg contains only the X chromosome while the male sperm can have the X or Y chromosome.

The fertilization of eggs by sperm containing the Y chromosome results in the conception of a son. Fertilization by the X chromosome means that the girl is pregnant. There are several ways couples can naturally determine a baby's gender.

Sex Position

The sex position used during conception can be used to predict the baby's gender. Cowgirl-style positioning is where the female is above the male allowing the deep penetration and optimal opportunity for the Y chromosome sperm to fertilize the egg that results in a male.

The sexual style of the plow is like the missionary position with the man above except the female's knees resting on the man's shoulders. The idea behind this is that deep penetration gives the sperm with the Y chromosome an advantage.

The Shettles method

The ovulation kit is useful when using the Shettles method to determine the baby's gender. The idea behind this method is that the sperm containing the Y chromosome swims faster than the sperm that contains the X chromosome. Premature intercourse increases the likelihood of having a girl during sex during ovulation more than likely to result in male conception. For couples who want to get pregnant immediately, this is not a good way as sex is limited at certain times based on ovulation.

Whelan's method

Whelan's method for determining the sex of a baby is based on the time relationship according to the basal temperature of the female. Pregnant men need birth 4-6 days before basal temperature increases. Pregnant girls need sex 2-3 days before ovulation.

Chinese Concept Chart

The Chinese concept chart is said to have been found in a tomb and should have been for more than 7 centuries. This chart is based on the mother's lunar age at the time of conception and the month of conception. The lunar age is based on 29 days of the month. The Chinese gender prediction chart allows parents who hope to enter a date and age to determine their baby's gender.


Controlling your diet is another way to choose your baby's gender. Pregnant boys need to eat foods with high pH because sperm carrying X chromosomes do not develop well in acidic conditions. Foods rich in calcium and magnesium should also be taken. Pregnant girls need a more alkaline environment and this means eating foods with lower pH levels. Also diet should be rich in sodium and potassium.

Is It Just a coincidence?

Many swear that baby's gender predictions can be determined by one method or another. According to science, the only sure way to predict a baby's gender is by artificial insemination. But today's research shows that there are new ways to predict your baby's sexuality.


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