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Berberine Treatment For PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS, is an imbalance in the balance of young female hormones that links insulin resistance to relatively high androgen (male hormone) and menstrual and infertility non-compliance. The prevalence of PCOS in recent years may have been due to an outbreak of obesity and a result of obesity and insulin resistance. About 7% of women in the "reproductive age" experience PCOS. This syndrome is traditionally defined by the "Rotterdam Criterion", which means two of three abnormalities include menstrual instability (decreased frequency or duration), excess androgens (or clinical evidence of facial hair, acne, etc.), or polycystic ovaries present in imaging . However, a recent consensus is that all three should be identified and that actual biochemical evidence of androgen is documented and not just clinical evidence.

Because PCOS has a strong link to obesity and insulin resistance, treatment focuses on weight loss through a better diet / exercise with metformin treatment to combat the "metabolic syndrome" that is common in these women. Oral and anti-androgen contraceptives are used to control overall symptoms. Political Ovarian Syndrome can be a very physical and emotional problem for many people. It is important to understand and know all the ways to combat this disease.

Berberine has been successfully used and studied in the treatment of obesity and diabetes-related insulin resistance as well as dyslipidemia (bad cholesterol) associated with metabolic syndrome. What is interesting is that these natural plant alkaloids are respected in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, but not necessarily elsewhere. With such strong potential, it is more shameful than a doctor who has never heard of it. In fact, its effects do not stop on blood sugar and cholesterol regulation. This powerful herbal supplement has proven to have properties that can eventually make it useful in cancer as well as Alzheimer's!

A recent study comparing the benefits of berberine vs metformin treatment with placebo in eighty-nine young women with PCOS who also had insulin resistance for three months. The results indicate that berberine suppresses metformin in terms of all tested cardiometabolic parameters including waist circumference, cholesterol, and sex hormone-binding globulin (associated with abnormal androgens vs estrogen levels). This finding is encouraging for overweight or obese women who have PCOS and / or metabolic syndrome and prefer naturopathic treatment compared to metformin treatment because berberine improves all aspects of metabolic syndrome. Further studies are needed to evaluate the effects of androgen levels and menstrual irregularities as well as physical and excess androgen breakdowns (hair growth, etc.).

As always, it is recommended to start intensive lifestyle changes first and foremost to improve diet and exercise to lose fat and improve health. Along with berberine, focusing on an overall diet that emphasizes lean and healthy protein and a well-structured exercise plan will go a long way in treating PCOS. If you feel you have PCOS symptoms, be sure to discuss the possible diagnosis and treatment options with your doctor.


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