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The Aging Penis: What to Expect and How to Deal

As the eyelid and waist line develop, the penis becomes older as well. It is not often discussed in polite circles but what happens during penis age. Of course, everyone is talking about erectile dysfunction; it's hard to ignore with so many ads selling various drugs to keep the army in the spotlight. But what else happens when a young penis becomes an old penis. Here are some things a man can expect as he gets older with his favorite attachment.

# 1: Go with the Curve

A good life can cause your penis to change in a new direction, so to speak. Obvious curves (usually less than 10 percent) need not be concerned. However, if the curve is within the range of 20 to 30 percent, a man should go to this urology for examination for Peyronie Disease (PD). PDs can be quite uncomfortable, causing men to get sick while urinating or having sex. PD affects about one in every four men, most of them over 40 years old. Treatment can range from Botox injections to oral medications to shock wave therapy. Not all men with PD experience erectile dysfunction, but they are usually associated with the disease.

# 2: Erectile dysfunction

Almost 15 percent of men have erectile dysfunction by the age of 70. It can happen at any age, but with older people, lack of blood flow to the penis is a major problem. While modern society would say only pop pills, men should really pay attention to and correct the underlying physical causes first. Many times, lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and stress management can improve this problem and also improve overall well-being.

# 3: The Firehose Falls becomes a Trickle

Aging usually has one of two issues - strong, healthy urine or can hang urine up in the bathroom. Both issues come from prostate. See a doctor to make sure it's just old and not something serious. Then try some holistic additions to your routine such as stimulating several times a week and doing male Kegel exercises. Some men also find that zinc and selenium supplements help clean the prostate and make it youthful.

# 4: Old Penis "Strengthen"

No longer is the penis hardened when the wind blows through it, the aging penis is in and done. Also, testosterone levels decrease with age, reducing penis sensitivity. But there is a silver lining - like most muscles, if you don't use it, you lose it. Penis is no different. Try to erect every day, even if it is not used. This makes the muscles of the man aware that when he is needed, he will be ready.

# 5: Minor Contraction for the Chief

A man usually does not lose more than one centimeter of his penis throughout his life. However, men often feel that they have lost their longevity because their stomachs now seem to be lifting the sky from their lap. This is a simple solution. Start the sit-up challenge and emphasize the area. They say for every 20 pounds of belly fat lost, a man recovers half an inch in his penis.

While aging is a natural and irreversible thing (at least not yet), there are many ways to keep young penis aging. One of the best ways is to maintain a daily routine of penis hygiene that involves thorough cleaning and adequate massages with hydrating balm. Use a specially formulated penis health cream (Health experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and lightweight for the skin) to get the maximum results. Look for creams with natural ingredients, such as Shea butter, and contain vitamins and amino acids such as vitamin A through E and l-carnitine and l-arginine. These creams make the penis soft, aids in cell recovery, protects against peripheral nerve damage, and improves sensitivity for decades on the road.


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