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PCOS - Can Anyone Get It?

Did the doctor tell you that you have PCOS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? Are you wondering? "why I?" Can anyone get PCOS?

PCOS is not a disease and is not contagious. Most cases of PCOS are due to insulin resistance, leading to diabetes.

So what causes the insulin resistance that causes PCOS?

The United States diet, with too many calories and too much sugar, causes a spike in blood glucose. Your body knows that blood glucose cannot be too high for long without causing problems, so your pancreas releases more insulin to drive blood glucose into cells (such as muscle cells,) where it can be used.

Great so far, right?

Unless you continue to pump more foods that cause more blood glucose spikes! Diets that maintain high levels of carbohydrates can cause the pancreas to release more insulin until the cells should open and take blood glucose into insulin resistant and stop responding to insulin.

If you continue to consume excessive amounts of food that cause your blood glucose to rise significantly, you may develop type 2 diabetes. This means that your insulin resistance has grown to the point where your body can no longer make enough insulin to push blood glucose into the cell.

And even if you don't have diabetes completely, you can develop PCOS. This condition can lead to excessive hair growth, hair loss on your head, acne, weight gain, and even risk of heart problems.

Does every woman on a high carb diet get PCOS?

No. Just as diabetes has a genetic component, so does PCOS. Some people can live in nothing but Twinkies and milkshakes and maintain a reasonable amount of health. Other people gain a few pounds and eat a little too much cookies and are on their way to insulin resistance and PCOS. The people's body just varies.

The important thing is to get to know your body and take good care of it. If you have PCOS, talk to your doctor about finding foods that will help you reduce insulin resistance and control or eliminate your symptoms. Again, people vary, so you may need to have a prescription to get your symptoms under control.

Don't expect your symptoms to be like those with PCOS! You may have unpleasant symptoms, or you may be depressed by them. And your PCOS may be due to reasons other than insulin resistance.

Talk to your doctor and get recommendations for getting your symptoms under control. Anyone can get it, and you can take care of your health by choosing a diet and exercise program that will help you feel better.


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