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Why the Mediterranean Diet Is Good for You

The Mediterranean diet has been widely recommended by nutritionists and medical professionals for many years now thanks to all the health benefits of the diet. It is also the favorite diet of people of all ages because of the delicious and cheap options this diet provides. However, for elderly and senior patients, the Mediterranean Diet has many benefits such as reducing the risk of Alzheimer's Disease.

How Has It Been Learned?

Back in 1980, a professor by the name of Ancel Keys investigated cardiac death in many different countries. Keys found that cardiovascular-related deaths were significantly higher in Greece, Italy, and Japan while they were higher in the United States and Finland. The Mediterranean lifestyle and diet were later investigated with the hope of better understanding why people in the area lived longer and healthier lives. It is concluded that nutrition plays a major role.

What's Included?

Rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and nuts, the Mediterranean Diet combines many of the most popular foods, including chicken and fish. Red meat is usually eliminated from the Mediterranean Diet as well as saturated fat. Good fats from olive oil and nuts are encouraged. Red wine is also allowed on occasion, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Lifestyle is also part of this diet, and exercise, activity and non-smoking are recommended. Sleeping from candy is an important part of this lifestyle change, as it believes that refined sugars increase inflammation in the body. This diet incorporates healthy foods throughout the day. Which benefits the nutrition while being healthy for you.


In addition to eating lots of vegetables, fruits, cereals and lean protein, the Mediterranean Diet recommends that portion control be used. Instead of eating three very large meals daily, it is recommended that smaller meals be provided throughout the day. Each dish should include dietary details, but the portions should be small. Basically just enough to satisfy hunger, but not overcome the body. Fasting not only leads to obesity, but also, the heart has to work harder to digest great food. This is especially true when the food is high in saturated fat and difficult to digest, such as red meat.

More people, living in Western society can be stressful and unhealthy. With heart disease becoming a leading cause of death in the United States, and issues such as dementia and Alzheimer's are on the rise, more and more parents, caregivers and medical professionals recommend a healthy diet to help deal with the problem. Sleep apnea, obesity, high blood pressure and cancer are also common concerns but can often be prevented by following a diet like the Mediterranean Diet.


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