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What is the Best Diet For Ramadan? - Personal Trainer Explains

As a Singapore Personal Trainer and owner of fitness bootcamp, one of the issues we need to help clients in Singapore's multi-racial country is the fasting month of Ramadan.

There is a personal training and fitness bootcamp at the Event Performance Center which will be in the fasting month later this year. And recently they were wondering what would be the best way to maintain fat loss, weight loss and muscle building results. This is often a big concern for them because after some time in our program, they already have a healthy lifestyle and lifestyle.

Even when I was working at the Singapore Sports School, we did some research on how to help Muslim athletes perform well even during the fasting / Ramadan months. Training and international competitions are still ongoing despite the fasting months.

So, here's my suggestion ...

Whether it's an early morning train (immediately after a quick morning break) or at night (after a quick afternoon)

If you practice in the morning, do it at about 730am or 8am if you do it in the evening, do it at 8pm. This is so that you don't train super full stomachs.

While we may not get the 6 ideal daily meals, we should get at least 3 good people. Fast morning, quick afternoon, and another great meal before bed. These foods slowly digest to make you fuller. That means no bad things. More protein and healthy fats are slowly digested.

Therefore, the daily schedule for morning exercise is:

* 6am breakfast - eggs, meat, beans, cheese, whey protein gum

* 730 am training

* 715 pm breakfast (evening) - eggs, meat, nuts, cheese, caesin protein gum

* 10 nights dinner - eggs, meat, beans, cheese, protein case shake

For evening practice:

* 6am breakfast - eggs, meat, beans, cheese, shredded casein protein

* 715 nights breakfast (eggs) - eggs, meat, beans, cheese, whey protein gum

* 8pm exercise - another whey protein shake exercise

* 10 nights dinner - eggs, meat, beans, cheese, protein case shake

There we go! It's not ideal, but it's good enough that you shouldn't lose too much progress during the fasting month.

NOTE: Drink as much water as you can during the allowed time. You should need regular toilet breaks and your urine is colorless - that's the right amount!


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