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Testing the Cabbage Soup Diet - Day 1

Today, as promised, is my first day on the legendary cabbage soup diet. I've been trying for years, but somehow things never go right (translation: I can find excuses). It's a short-term crash diet, based on an unlimited amount of cabbage-based caffeine soup that loads more calories than enough, so you can eat enough to feel full but keep losing weight quickly.

This diet is supplemented with different supplements on a daily basis. You eat as much soup as you want, and as much as you want from other foods for the day - in my case, Day 1: Fruit (except bananas). Theoretically the supplements are carefully selected to keep the level of chemicals important so you don't get sick. I was told that the diet was originally developed by doctors to cleanse the system and lose weight before heart surgery, but I could not find any evidence or listing of the "original" diet. There are many variations floating above the basic recipes and tables.

So this morning I went to my great Italian cook, and returned with a bag full of green stuff. After a lot of chopping, peeling and boiling, here's what it looks like: Most of my diet for next week.

Actually, it's not bad at all. With lots of onions, vegetables and tomatoes, it has a good stock base mix (and some of my own vegetable stockings for stimulation), and is also seasoned with thyme, basil, bay and black pepper. It's really delicious, though I quickly find myself adding a little salt to each bowl or it's really bland.

Obviously, there aren't many ways to make an impact today, although I do feel a bit energetic and wise, especially when I skip breakfast (because I don't have anything that food at home allows) and then eat a lot at mealtimes. midday. With a heavy digestive diet like this, it's important to spread it throughout the day rather than eating a large meal, as anything that is hard to digest brings your energy levels down for a while (the reason why people get sluggish in the evenings when they eat large lunches) .

My brain was trying to cause trouble, and I kept imagining that I liked chocolate or meat, which was impossible since my last meal was "normal" last night and it was not the time to feel my body disappear. I've been enjoying a lot of fruit, experiencing more intense and sweet than I used to, but I think it's also psychologically important. I drank a lot of water and green tea, and indigestion seemed to make me thirsty. If not, I think it's best. I'm also looking forward to dinner tonight as I get ready to watch the new episode of House.

Obviously, an accident diet is not a long-term solution for weight loss. Now my regular diet is pretty good - I'm mostly from processed junk food, I eat a little bit of vegetables and fruits, a little from freezing (except the things I cook and freeze) and I'm good at candy. Week in the week I lost some weight. Just the mountainous (and stomach) task in front of me made me feel very demotivated. Hopefully this quick boost will help me feel more motivated to be more strict with myself and keep working out.

Supong Pages for Diet Cabbage Soup

The version of the cabbage soup diet I used this week. There are many other versions floating around.


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