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How to Help Your Dog With Kennel Cough

When I officially met my mom's little girl, Miniature Schnauzer, Precious, she was a cute puppy! What an angel!

However, before we had to undergo the 1-week health check needed by our breeder, he came down with a lot of coughs and hiccups. She sounds like she has something stuck in her throat that she wants to cough.

The poor little poor had a cough Kennel, and it had become very painful for him, as he would have trouble breathing, hacking and coughing, and was generally uncomfortable, especially at night.

Kennel Cough is also known as tracheobronchitis. It is a dog-contracted virus, often when they are placed or in contact with other dogs in a general area, such as kennels, puppy care, foot keepers, and other areas frequented by dogs. It's very contagious. The incubation is 8-10 days and then your dog will start showing symptoms.

Therefore, one of the 'canary dogs' Precious was infected with this virus and passed it on to him. It just breaks your heart to see such a little puppy suffer.

It's important to do something proactive for this infection, especially in small dogs and older dogs, as it can turn into something worse: Pneumonia!

What You Must Do:

The veterinarian gives Precious 2 antibiotics to take home:

1. Clavamox: Liquid antibiotics that come with droplets - 1 cc twice daily

2. Temaril P: The pills we give him 1/2 twice a day.

3. He was also given blows to increase his recovery time, which I am not sure by that name.

4. It was recommended by our veterinarian that on top of our breeding fluid vitamins we were giving her 2 cc of pups twice in dropper format, that we also supplemented her with more vitamins to improve her immune system response.

5. It's called Lickables Nutritional Gel - Super Charger. They really like the taste (I was told by an outside source that they like something like honey) and it improves their immune system. In fact, the veterinarian gave him a generous amount during this examination.

These things are great and we've used them before with our dog who doesn't like or won't take vitamins because you put them in his nose (don't close his nostrils), or let them lick his finger or whatever. Sugar, my mom's dog will NEVER take any kind of medicine without much deception on our behalf! This is great for her! The veterinarian says that a dog can survive this, especially if they are sick and don't want to eat, for a while ... This is great for dog aging too!

6. We are also instructed to purchase Vicksizer Vicks: The same thing you would use for your baby or yourself when you have the same infection.

You also need to get Steam Vicks Vapo, and Steam Steam for this system. (It really helps him a lot, especially at night!)

What You Can Do At Home:

The whole point here is to improve your immune system. The things you will do, you can do for your child too! Also, improving the dog's immune system is important for the prevention of infections and diseases.

We have added a valuable diet by:

1. Vitamin C: You can get a dog-specific supplement, or you can give them a chewable human vitamin C tablet (our dog won't take human candy from us, so we need to destroy it and include it in their diet if we use it).

Obviously, the difference is in price. You can give them 500 mg 3 times / day (250 mg for small terriers). If you have Vitamin C specific to dogs, follow the instructions in the bottle.

2. Echinacea: Again, you can get Echinacea especially for dogs, or get breeds for humans (we've used human form, since it's cheaper and does the trick).

Follow the instructions on the bottle, but may reduce the dose in 1/2 if it is for humans. We just open the capsule and mix the contents with the food. For dog-specific Echinacea, follow the instructions on the bottle.

3. You can also use Silver Colloidial, Goldenseal Herbs, and more. This list goes on and on with the enhancements that boost your endurance!

4. Homemade Chicken Soup:

I'm not joking. If you know how to make chicken soup from home, this is great for your terrier! Reduce the salt level though.

Who doesn't want Chicken Soup when they feel sick? Your terrier is no exception!

5. Sleep !: Let your dog sleep as much as they want! They need it, especially if they are very uncomfortable at night.

Some other things to keep in mind are:

1. Keep your terrier dry! As we fall, the rain falls slightly, and winter is around the corner. If they are wet outside, dry them thoroughly. Don't let them "catch a cold". Don't bathe them while they are sick with Cough Kennel if you can help!

2. Love: Give lots of terriers you love! They'll need it and want it!

Disclaimer: Any information contained on this site is related to various medical, health and fitness conditions of Terriers and their treatment is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice provided by your own veterinarian. You may not use the information contained here to diagnose the health of any animal. You should always consult and consult with your veterinarian or veterinarian.

by Kimberly Edwards


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