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What You Need To Know About Functional Medicine & Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome

You have questions about natural treatment for IBS, and we have an answer.

We handle many cases of IBS in practice in Longmont and Denver, our CO offices. Most often, we see patients who have been on this medication with chronic GI, gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea (or a combination of all of these), who have seen each doctor and taken all the prescription medications they recommend, but they still feel miserable and their symptoms don't deteriorate. Or, they get temporary help, only to find new and (uncomfortable) triggers that result in more flare.

We practice Functional Medicine. We take different approaches to treat bowel problems. Especially the Bowel Syndrome, as it affects people very differently, but the disease process is often the same for most patients. In Functional Medicine, we do not automatically consider IBS to be merely a "bowel issue" because we know that IBS is often a symptom of a combination of problems.

One of the first things we would recommend is blood work or other diagnostic tests (depending on your specific circumstances). Now, that may be filled with a little hesitation at first as you say to yourself, "well, I've done blood work already and they told me something was wrong! Everything was checked as 'normal.' 39; "Depending on the specific training of who actually sees and interprets these test results, it may mean the difference between repeated IBS, and the relief you are seeking. We say this because not all tests are created equal and seeing results through a Functional Blood Chemistry lens (which uses a different set of reference ranges) can detect whether the symptoms you are experiencing are from infection, stress, food sensitivities or a combination of many factors. Many men and women with IBS suffer from:

  • SIBO (Small intestinal bacterial intestine)
  • Parasite
  • H. pylori
  • The yeast is too big
  • Food sensitivity
It's important to take care of her root cause of IBS to control symptoms. We generally prefer to treat IBS as a metabolic state, as all body systems must be brought back into harmony before any measurable and measurable long-term release. In addition to treating the IBS protagonist as specified above, the "typical" functional Medicine protocol should also include ...

Metabolic cleaning is very focused on the Hepatic system. Cleansing the liver, pancreas and gall bladder and toxins helps support these organs to work more efficiently. Not to mention, when these organs are tired, they cannot purify the hormones as intended or aid digestion properly.

Next we will look at the patients diet. We either have an idea of ​​what foods they need to avoid from the results of the food sensitivities test, or we recommend a dietary elimination to find offensive items. In our practice, we strongly recommend testing food sensitivities through a laboratory known as Cyrex. They have lots of order and can test sensitivity to hundreds of foods. In our opinion the food sensitivity test is one of the most important steps in any solid IBS treatment protocol. Many patients come to us no idea part of their problem is something that can easily be avoided or modified as a very common gluten sensitivity, or lactose intolerance, for example. The elimination diet may end up with the same results as the sensitivity test, but they are not nearly as accurate, they are very time consuming, and unless you are a nutritionist there is a possibility of food you think may be safe but actually contain ingredients that are proven to be safe for you. you.

In addition, we want to ensure that patients have excellent control over their blood sugar. This can occur through dietary modification and natural supplementation (depending on various health factors). Maintaining a steady and stable blood sugar will reduce stress and mood swings (which is a major cause of IBS), it will also keep your metabolism at a better level. This helps reduce stress on various body systems. When putting the "fight" on one side, we need to make sure the "front" can do their job well. It is not easy for the body to have GI problems, immune problems, hormones dysfunction and fluctuate in sleep at the same time. Many of these issues can make a person feel uncomfortable on their own, add them to IBS and you have the perfect storm to make people really miserable.

Once we have cleared the liver and gall bladder, and ensured the change in blood sugar, we will move on to Gut Cleaning and Repair. This will be done with natural nutrition supplements and will be supplemented by your modified diet. The repair part is very important, as you can imagine. Many patients are unaware that they have intestinal flora (a "good" bacteria that helps digestion) or leaky gut (which can lead to further problems such as autoimmune disorders). IBS patients traditionally treated for SIBO may have taken many antibiotic courses that could also eliminate our "good" bacteria. That's one issue with antibiotics, they really don't care about the bacteria they kill. They can also be less effective against bacteria contained in so-called biofilms. These lipid-based films are a protective response to the pathogenic evolution, the most life-threatening, despite the drugs given to kill them. We recommend a strict supplemental protocol that eliminates these biofilms making other drugs more effective.

Many patients also do not know that about 80% of their neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) are made in their intestines. A healthy intestine makes a healthy neurotransmitter (guess what's not an unhealthy gut?). Neurotransmitters are very important for our mental and emotional well-being, as well as hormone regulation, sleep and immune response. Although supporting neurotransmitters may not sound like part of a normal IBS treatment, we know from years of treating this condition that it helps to relieve stress and trigger IBS emotions. There is a very strong connection between the gut and the brain.

We will also add supplements for inflammation. We know that "inflammation" is often charged as a new age bogeyman , but think about inflammation more often (like sprained ankles for example). Initially, your body does what it naturally does, it swells and tries to stabilize the injury, and it sends your immune system to help save the day. But if your abandoned ankle continues to swell forever, you start to wonder if something is wrong. The bravery of people with IBS is often long-term and not only does it help in healing, it creates a negative feedback loop with your various systems trying to maintain "healing".

Finally, we recommend a chiropractic technique for pain relief known as Visceral Manipulation. This is not something that all chiropractors are trained in, or practice, but we recommend finding a technician in this area if you are not nearby. This therapy is an IBS Patient's Secret Weapon and can really help in relieving discomfort.

In conclusion, in our opinion (and practice) effective natural IBS protocols should include:

  • Diagnostic testing and interpretation of results using functional blood chemistry
  • Systematically treat the root causes, be it pathogenic, intestinal flora imbalance, or a combination of various factors
  • Changing patients' diet and lifestyle
  • Regulate Metabolism
  • Simply put, pharmaceutical grade herbal supplements and herbs
  • Visceral manipulation to relieve pain


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