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Did You Know Dancing Can Help With IBS Symptoms?

Who would have guessed that dancing can help with IBS symptoms? Well it has been found that it can help many sufferers. Dance refreshes the body together, relieves intense joints and aches, reduces muscle tension and relieves anxiety. Many people with IBS remain calm and patient with their symptoms, sometimes due to shyness. However, with the revolutionary discoveries about the relationship between dance and IBS, you can help your mood while doing something you love and enjoy. Please read on to learn more about the relationship between dance and IBS.

Relax, let yourself go, relax, switch to music. I'm sure you can only feel better? Dancing can do wonders for everyone and their situation, we all feel refreshed when you dance which makes everything look so relaxing and comfortable. Dance knows to reduce tension in the sympathetic nervous system and release endorphins and enkephalin, natural drug sprayers, tranquilizers and tranquilizers. These effects reduce bowel sensitivity, prevent spasms and allow free flow of residues through the system.

Other ways to help with the symptoms of IBS are as you dance, move your stomach to rhythm, your abdominal muscles slowly massage and support the internal organs, strengthen the pelvic floor, establish a firm stomach and help promote good digestion. Strong pelvic floor muscles are important to help you effectively eliminate residues from your intestines.

Tina Hobin, author of "Belly Dance Your Way to Beauty, Body and Soul" writes "Ancient Shamans have found that by activating the plexus and solar pelvis, abdominal dance movements resemble the power of natural healing and help heal stomach discomfort and create a sense of well-being." Over the years she has seen many women with IBS attend her classes and she has found that this dance movement is very beneficial to their general health and well-being.

So, after looking at all the dances you can do for your health and especially the symptoms of IBS, it's easy to say that dancing can actually relieve your IBS. IBS groups and IBS community groups often offer dance classes, discussions on what foods affect IBS, how to handle IBS and more. Who would have thought that dancing could be so much fun and even helpful for your IBS symptoms?


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