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Holistic Approaches to an Acne Solution

While it is generally understood that a poor hygiene or diet does not cause Acne, not following a healthy diet and / or a healthy skin routine will certainly not help anyone suffering from acne-like skin disorders. A holistic solution for all acne patients is presented in this article and reflects the many methods that have been found to be effective with people with various skin problems.

  • try and keep your stress levels down, and learn how you can control your reaction to situations beyond your control. If you are naturally stressed then you may find that lifestyle and / or exercise changes can also be helpful. Try yoga or Tai-chi as these are both great exercises and also help to refresh your mind.

  • make sure you sleep between 7 and 8 hours every night. This is a time when our bodies help cleanse us from stress and toxicity

  • try and use an anti-inflammatory diet (see below) to drink plenty of water. The effect of not drinking enough water is not well publicized. Try and drink 2.5 liters a day taking supplements to control inflammation (see below)

  • treats open spots with cream and anti-inflammatory topical lotions

  • Conventional medicine may be useful in the short term and may help prevent scarring in severe cases

  • Natural Acne Treatments Supplements should include vitamins A and D, zinc and Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Vitamins A and D are part of the body's need to stimulate the growth of healthy new cells. Omega-3 is beneficial for many functions in the body but in particular helps balance the prostaglandins of inflammatory agents. Zinc (especially zinc picolinate since absorbed well by the body) has hormone modulation properties and helps heal new tissue

  • Topical skin care creams containing tea tree oils are considered to be very beneficial as they contain anti-bacterial agents called terpinen-4-ol. 4-ol-lead has been shown to treat mild acne by reducing bacteria that causes clogged pores to become infected. One topical cream - ActiveClear - contains tea tree oil, vitamin A and herbal extract known as tribulus which is said to help reduce sebum production.


Try and adopt a low glycemic index (GI) diet. This generally involves the use of fish oil and other sources of protein such as chicken, turkey, and soy products if you are vegetarian (or not). Fresh vegetables, especially Advocado, olive oil, fruit, salads, flaxseeds, nuts, and yoghurt. It's important to keep your blood sugar level stable as it helps prevent inflammation response. Therefore, eat 3 small meals and 2 snacks daily, and make sure they are within walking distance.

Eat high beta carotene foods, such as carrots, pumpkin, cantaloupe and other fruits and vegetables.

Antioxidants are anti-inflammatory, so in addition to antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits, you are allowed to eat a little chocolate as this is a high antioxidant (get chocolate containing 85 percent solid cocoa). Try green tea instead of coffee as this can help reduce inflammation and can also help with blood sugar levels.

Some recent studies on the potential for diet on acne have concluded that western diet and lifestyle suffer from westerners to high insulin levels, which in turn stimulates insulin growth factors as they are called. This latter factor stimulates sebum production in the skin known to cause acne in some people. An additional support for this theory is that individuals with high levels of insulin also appear to be more likely to develop acne and studies have shown that women with acne in adulthood have insulin-like growth factors such as their blood-free rate.

Recent research shows that individuals with acne, and who are overweight and / or suffering from insulin resistance or diabetes, need to change their diet to overcome the effects of insulin and insulin-like growth factors. Basically, this individual should eat foods that have a low glycemic index (GI). Drink fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and cereals, yoghurt and cheese, low-fat milk, lean meat, fish and eggs, and poly, or best of all, unsaturated fats and oils, to ensure you get all the vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids that you need for overall health and healthy skin. Exercise regularly because it increases the blood supply and oxygen to your skin.

Alternative Recovery

  • Some herbalists recommend echinacea, calendula, tea tree oil, and goldenseal

  • Black currant seed oil and / or evening primrose oil have been reported by some alternative therapies as effective herbal remedies for acne

  • Chromium Supplements - Chromium helps improve the body's ability to break down glucose

  • If you have a stressful lifestyle then try relaxing with a cup of tea made from lavender or chamomile

  • Tea made with glands and colored skin is also recommended by some therapists as an effective acne skin care remedy


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