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Good News For Those Who Have Trouble With Acne

Anyone can experience acne; they don't have to be teenagers! The acne throat is also adult. In fact, about 50% of women in their 20s and 30s suffer from acne. Someone may have seen a dermatologist and still can't clear it. Thankfully there are alternative methods that have proven successful for many who suffer from acne, and want clear and beautiful skin.

Of course, there are oral antibiotics for severe acne cases prescribed by a dermatologist; However, many will experience resistance to this treatment and instead, they are less effective.

Low Dosage Options

Many dermatologists will use low-dose versions of antibiotics to treat acne. A low dose of drugs, such as doxycycline, acts as an anti-inflammatory and may prevent acne pain. At the same time, it will not help the antibiotic resistance which is a bonus. Anyone who is on antibiotics and is worried that they may be resistant to ask about low-dose options.

Start Taking "pills"

Hormone imbalance plays a major role in acne for women. In fact, it's one of the main sources! This is especially true for women who have had no problems with acne or other skin conditions during their teenage years. There are types of acne that show most on the jaw and are treated perfectly by taking pills, or birth control.

Some patients benefit by reducing the amount of testosterone in their system. A drug developed as a diuretic to treat high blood pressure is often prescribed for women with this type of discharge. Ask your doctor about Spironolactone if you have this problem. It regulates the action of testosterone without altering the levels in the blood.

Changes in Diet

The main cause of acne is oil, so elimination of oily foods or foods that promote oil production is one step that a dermatologist recommends. Anyone with oily skin should know that a combination of oily skin and bacteria produces acne. More specifically, they produce inflammatory acne. Dead cells produce both white and black heads.

Smooth carbohydrates often cause an increase in insulin, which in turn causes oil production. One way to help reduce the consumption of foods like processed foods, white bread and sugar. In addition, some succeed when they reduce the amount of milk they eat. It helps with black and white heads in particular.

Chemical peel

Although it may be scary, when used in conjunction with other treatments, chemical peels can easily aid in the rapid recovery of acne. Glycolic skin works when the acid dissolves the particles that hold back the unwanted bacteria and dead skin cells that live in the pores. Dermatologists report that this treatment works for both types of acne and non-inflammation. There is also a home version of glycolysis which helps a lot when used as prescribed. There are many skins on the market but it is very important to consult a professional dermatologist before trying them. Each skin type is different and will respond differently to various methods.

Skin mapping is an option for those who want to try and find out what works best, and a dermatologist can help with this important analysis. The point is that there is no reason for anyone suffering from acne to lose hope. There are many alternatives to medicine, and many of them are very successful. Explore options professionally and it won't be long before clear and beautiful skin is on display.


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