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Acne - Acne Myths Exploded

There are so many false beliefs about the cause of acne. I want to set a straight record and expose some lies and myths.

1. Diet

How much oily pizza you eat, or your weakness for chocolate, has nothing to do with your acne. Also, pop soda doesn't give you acne either. Moreover, what you eat does not play a decisive factor in your overall health, but a small part of whether or not you suffer from acne.

For example, excessive oily skin from sebum glands contributing to acne is not caused by eating greasy hamburger. Nor does greasy hamburger increase your sebum gland oil production. The only widely known food that affects the production of oil for your skin is salt, which in turn does not cause acne, but only worsens it.

2. Cleanliness

Hygiene is related to diet simply because people who are lowsy eaters tend to be lowsy with their hygiene habits as well. Like diet, personal hygiene has little effect on the development of acne.

What can cause acne is when your hygiene routine closes pores. However, this is also minimal. How often you wash your face doesn't have to be done whether your pores get clogged or not. What causes acne is when the pores get plugged in and bacteria gets stuck in them. Your body responds by sending white blood cells to fight bacteria. Inflammation and the results of pus.

Good hygiene and skin care are essential after acne. Cleaning the skin with gentle soap and warm water, twice daily, is recommended. Rubbing your skin, and using harsh soaps, can weaken your skin's ability to fight acne.

3. Pressure

It is a fact that stress weakens the immune system. However, there is no scientific connection that emphasizes the cause of acne. Stress can play a very small role as acne develops, but as a possible cause is not.

4. Medicines

A surefire way to worsen your acne is to increase the dose of over-the-counter medications. Follow instruction. Increasing the dose can harm the skin. If after two weeks use the over-the-counter medicines and your acne is not cleared, consult a dermatologist.


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