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Why Peach Juice Can Give You Diarrhea

Vegetable is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious fruits of all. They moisturize the taste and have a soft and delicate texture that can send your taste buds wild. One amazing thing that comes from this delicious fruit is peach juice. This is one of the most popular fruit juices around, behind obvious candidates such as apple juice, orange and cranberry. Like the fruit itself, peach juice has many nutritional benefits, which makes it good to consider when making healthy food choices. However, one small thing that can cause a bit of discomfort is that peach juice can cause diarrhea.

Why does fruit juice cause diarrhea?

Peach juice is not the only cause for frustrating conditions, but many fruit juices if drunk in larger quantities can change the dynamics of your poop. The reason is because of something containing fruit juice, the name of the perpetrator becomes sorbitol.

So what is sorbitol?

Sorbitol is a sugar that the body cannot digest. If you drink a lot of peanut juice, or other fruit juices like apple juice and prunes, your body will respond to the taste of melted sugar. This is done by using water from the blood stream and sending it to the intestine. Therefore, this extra water is responsible for changing the constitution of the stool, making it loose.

This is the same for people of all ages, but with babies the problem may be more troublesome because their bodies are so small. May this be a warning to anyone who feeds their baby a lot of fruit juices, which can be devastating!

Peach juice is nutritional juice

It is an adult who likes to drink peach juice, so don't let this throw you off, as this is really possible if you drink too much. I'm not trying to prevent you from drinking fruit juices, but rather they are loaded with the nutrients your body needs. They are a great alternative to other soft drinks such as fizzy pops.

Just to be clear here I will highlight a few benefits of peach juice that should be noted.

* Peach juice is loaded with vitamin C, in fact from the usual 500 g peach juice you can get more than one fifth of the amount of vitamin C needed throughout the day.

* You get a very healthy amount of dietary fiber from peach juice, from 500 g you can get about 14% of the total dietary fiber you need in a day.

* You can get over 10% of the amount of vitamin A needed in a day with 500 g of a cup of juice juice.

One disadvantage - Calories

Calories are something we all see in our diet, and because of the sugar found in peach juice, it is something that is not so low in it. There are about 330 calories in 500 g servings of peach juice. This is a bit mindful if you go for the fruit yourself, you will eat a lot less. In a simple pic weighing 100 g there is only 38 calories.

Compared to other fruits, and more so for most of the foods we all include in our diet, the calories contained in the peaches are hardly to be weighed down by even the most avid calorie counters.

There is usually an alternative, and it can dilute the juice with water. Of course it will not reduce the calories in peach juice, but making 500 g of serving one part water and one part of the peach will reduce half the calories in the dish.

More information

So there you have it, drinking lots of fruit juice can cause stomach and diarrhea caused by sorbitol that contains it. One thing to keep in mind is that it is actually from the fruit itself, not an additive when it comes to fruit juice. However, because of the concentration of fruit that goes into the juice, it is more likely to cause problems than just eating some of the fruit itself.

Eating the fruit itself will not only reduce your chances of upset stomachs, but will also ensure you consume fewer calories. So maybe peaches and a glass of water can be less problematic than refreshing fresh peach juice. The decision is yours and how your body reacts to the juice, as well as how you are interested in controlling calories, or what is in the juice.


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