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What is a Healthy High Blood Pressure Diet?

The Western world is full of suffering from high blood pressure. In order to maintain good health, it is important that we strive to maintain good blood pressure and reduce high blood pressure. Diet is the cornerstone of this endeavor. There is a large body of medical evidence supporting the link between high blood pressure and diet. Perhaps, however, connecting certain foods with certain medical problems is taking this a little too literally.

It is well documented that a diet that combines many fruits and vegetables, which is commonly followed by vegetarians for example has been successful in reducing blood pressure. A diet that includes lots of fast foods and contains plenty of saturated fat and salt is a disaster in terms of blood pressure. This look on his face is simple and easy, but he doesn't always follow it. Many people who follow the Atkins diet also find their blood pressure lowering.

So what makes a good high blood pressure diet?

The answer to this is simple, everything is simple to eat. A well-balanced diet is all that is needed. Salt for example is always banned as bad for you and should be avoided. The truth is that the body needs salt to function properly. The solubility in processed foods is detrimental because the balance of minerals in the disturbed body also includes potassium and magnesium as well as the sodium present in the salt. In a reasonable quantity of salt can be included in the diet and the same can be said for lean meat and low fat dairy products.

Short-term Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension or DASH are a diet that is formally recommended for those who require a high blood pressure diet. This "formally recommended" type of diet usually fills people with fear. In this case the recommended diet is a reasonable and balanced diet that we will do well even if we do not have high blood pressure.

The diet recommends many fresh fruits and vegetables with lean meat and low-fat dairy products - simple low fat, low sugar diet. What is recommended is a basic approach. Buying fresh products and providing healthy snacks in your own kitchen replaces a ready-to-eat diet.

In my opinion and this is just my opinion, the only problem with this diet like most foods is that it puts a strict portion size and amount of food to eat in each food group. I think a well-balanced diet is more about eating foods according to the natural cycle, which is seasonal and many from local sources.

In short, there is no black and white answer to a good high blood pressure diet. All foods should be consumed moderately in a variety of diets that make sense - even processed foods should be avoided! Following these simple tips can help you lose weight and most importantly your blood pressure and possibly your grocery bill.


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