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Common Causes of Diarrhea in Dogs

Diarrhea is a very common condition in dogs that can cause many different causes. But the two most common causes are food insecurity and intestinal parasites.

Dog food usually takes 8 to 10 hours to pass through the intestines, but if something causes it to develop through the intestines, the result is diarrhea.

Dogs tend to eat a lot of things, especially rubbish, dead animals, and many other things that are not. These things interfere with the stomach and intestines which often cause vomiting, but can also lead to most cases of diarrhea.

Food allergy is another disease in which you often see this condition. What usually happens is that the pet owner will feed the dog the dog for several years and then suddenly the dog will not tolerate it again.

Intestinal obstruction is a leading cause of diarrhea in puppies. The most common parasites are bamboo worms, shellfish, whip worms, and giardia.

Dogs may also have this condition when they are excited or disappointed by something. This may be like going to a veterinary clinic or hearing a thunderstorm.

Most cases are diarrhea if you only block food for a few hours. But it's best to contact your veterinarian for follow-up treatment.

You can prevent cases of diarrhea in your dog by preventing them from eating garbage or giving them human food that may not fit their stomachs.


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