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What's Intermittent Fasting All About, And Is It Something You Should Be Doing?

The occasional fast has become more popular than ever in recent years!

There are many celebs, PTs and influencers about who sings praises in terms of fat loss!

In this article I discuss what is involved, its potential advantages and disadvantages, and whether it is right for you!

So first, what's that !?

Many consider fasting to be a diet, but it is not. It's just a diet!

This pattern involves cycling between meals and not eating. You only eat during certain windows.

And why is it so popular?

If your goal is to lose the theoretical fat behind Intermittent Fasting is that you will most often consume fewer calories during certain meals than you do if you only eat as you normally do throughout the day!

So the principle is not to change what you eat, only when you eat!

For this reason many people see it as easy to follow and easy as it does not require major behavior changes!

This is probably why it is so popular with so many people that it's 'easy'!

When are you fasting and when are you 'eating'?

Although there are many variations of Intermediate Fasting, the most common is the 16-8 protocol!

It involves fasting for 16 hours daily and eating for 8 hours.

Again, the time frame can vary, but most people will eat between 12pm - 8pm.

This means they have a total of 16 hours of fasting between 8pm and 12pm! The important thing is to choose a time frame that suits your lifestyle, commitment and schedule.

Is fasting intermittent for you?

1. If your fitness goal is to lose fat then Intermittent Fasting can be something you should consider. By eating for a limited period of time you are more likely to be on a calorie deficit, thus promoting fat loss.

2. There is very little planning involved - you don't have to measure your food and your preparation! It's easy to remember!

3. It's easier than dieting! You don't add new foods that you may not like at your meal, you just change the pattern.

If you decide Intermediate Fasting is for you be sure to review the different versions and find the one that suits you best!

As with most things related to fitness, the best thing to do is that you can stay strong and long-term!

You should also consider:

If you eat every hour or two, you will have an appetite at least in the short term. If you are constantly hungry then this strategy may not be for you!

Mindset is a major part of the Intermediate Fasting. If you constantly think about food during the fast period and it makes you unhappy or irritable, then again it may not be for you.


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